$1,121 in Extra Income and Life Updates

Our good friends got married over the weekend and we spent a lot of time with good friends. It was a pretty cheap weekend also which is always nice!

We looked at more houses online but didn’t really see anything that we like still. Luckily we’re not 100% ready to buy right now so I’m glad we don’t like anything!

I don’t know if any of you have even noticed, but I deactivated my blog’s Pinterest profile a couple of days ago. Lets just say that I had a mini freakout. The other day I noticed that I was replying to my friends pins on Pinterest under my blog profile (and not my personal). Some of my friends know I blog, but none know the name Making Sense of Cents. However, this friend is someone who I am very close to and I haven’t told her that I blog at all. So of course I naturally freaked out because my blog link is in my blog’s Pinterest profile. I plan on reactivating it this week, but I’m just hoping she doesn’t find it (I did delete all the comments that I left her). What a close call! As you can tell, I’m still not fully ready to have my friends read my blog. It’s still all very personal! Sometimes I do wish I wasn’t such an anonymous blogger.


We did do some spending this weekend but not a whole lot. I spent $70 at the store and bought some clothes, but I plan on returning some of it as I didn’t like it anymore after I tried them them on when I got home.

We also did buy a curl bar and weights for it, which cost $86. We had $30 in rewards thankfully or our total would have been more than $100. Still a lot, I can’t believe how expensive fitness equipment are.

Extra Income (does not include salary from our jobs)

I received approximately $1,121 in payments in the past week. I do think this last week of the month will go out with a bang as I usually get paid in the last week for several assignments.

Affiliate income is going really great and I’m glad I started working on this. I do have bigger plans for this and hope to see this area of my extra income to continually increase. A couple of days ago some of you had your Page Rank decreased, and this only gives me more motivation. How have you been doing with your affiliate income? Are you trying to grow this?

My friend came in town and we talked about our future business plan. We are doing some major research first and luckily with the job I currently have, I research companies and industries all day long and can get this done pretty quickly since I know where to look for reliable resources (and have access to all of these resources). She did mention a website that I’ve never heard of called Kickstarter. Have any of you ever used it? Apparently from what I remember is that you can fundraise money for your future business. Nevermind, I thought it was a something similar to peer to peer lending for entrepreneurs.


We have a meal plan this week! I found some really tasty looking recipes and am excited for our meals for this week. I bought enough groceries for the next two weeks and I’m pretty excited about this. Our fridge and pantry are SO packed and I hope we actually eat nearly all of this instead of letting things go to waste like usually.

We have been doing really good with eating in. We went out to eat this past weekend (but not during the week) and ate and drank pretty cheaply. How are you doing with your food budget?! If you have any tasty looking recipes from last week, please share your blog post in the comments so that I can add it to my meal plan for future weeks 🙂

  1. Monday: Burgers and fries

  2. Tuesday: Chicken and Spinach Taquitos

  3. Wednesday: Penne with Pesto Cream Sauce and Chicken

  4. Thursday: Breakfast for dinner with Banana Pancakes

  5. Friday: Lemon-Ricotta Pasta with Scallops

  6. Saturday: Out to eat

  7. Sunday: Jalapeno Popper Chicken


I haven’t made any new wedding plans recently. There are just so many other things going on that I’m just not worried about the wedding. I’d rather save the planning for when I have time to have fun with it and am actually awake! Also, a lot of people have asked (yes, I actually get e-mails about this) why we are waiting so long to get married. Honestly, as I’ve said before, getting married wouldn’t change anything for us (except the legal aspect), as we are already completely open about everything and committed. However, I AM excited to plan a fun party where I get to have fun with all of the people that I love. I have been considered a part of W’s family since day 1 and love being able to be a part of such a wonderful family.

Some of you have asked that we share our engagement photos, and trust me I will. So sometime in May look out for those pictures because those will be good 🙂

Being healthy

This is probably the best category in my weekly blog posts. I’ve been doing pretty good with this. Having the treadmill in our basement is nice and I try to squeeze a mile in whenever I have some time to spare (such as between writing blog posts, making dinner, etc), along with designating time after work every now and then.

We also bought a lot of fruits and vegetables last night and I don’t think we bought any snacks. We are really wanting to be more healthy. I have a goal to lose 5 pounds but also to get more toned all over. I really need to start a workout plan and a more clean food plan.

Have you been doing well with your extra income, spending and being healthy?

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