$1,193 in Extra Income, Life and Picture Updates

Happy Monday everyone! Another Weekly Update post here so I hope you all enjoy. I don’t think I’ve had one of these in a couple of weeks so I hope you’re ready for me to ramble on.

I loved all of the holiday celebrations and we had a great time on Christmas, Christmas with W’s family and on New Year’s Eve. Probably spent too much money but who honestly doesn’t spend too much money on the holidays?!

I’ve been meaning to post this but keep forgetting. Thank you to everyone who actually reads my blog. I hope you all continue to enjoy reading what I write in 2013!

My weekly update posts were extremely popular in 2012, mainly because of my extra income updates within them I am assuming. My Extra Income tab was also popular, and I really need to continue working on it. My travel posts were also well received. Click on my TRAVEL tab above (I just made it yesterday and is currently a major work in progress, so keep that in mind).

Below are my most popular posts in 2012 according to page views (in no particular order). This is a long list because I also wanted to share so many of these again with you:

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Here are some Instagram pictures from our trip to St. Thomas and St. John. And the balcony picture below was actually OUR VIEW from our room!

My updates


We did great with our spending since my last update. I don’t think I’ve bought anything. I did try finding stuff at the mall since I have a couple of gift cards but I didn’t like anything. Doesn’t that always happen? You have gift cards to spend and then you can’t find ANYTHING? And then you’re tempted to buy something that you might like just because you have the gift card to buy it with?

Extra Income (this is extra income & does not include salary from our jobs):

I only included the first 5 days of this month in my extra income update because I wanted to start the year over and not include 2012. I figured this would make it easier to keep track of 2013. I made $868 last week and I also received $325 from my sister for rent. So I made $1,193 in extra income so far in 2013.

This is definitely a good amount. I realize that this past week was still a vacation week for most because of the day that New Year’s Eve and Day fell on, so I’m sure next week I will be super busy with things to do.


No meal plan for this week. I’ve been kind of winging it this past week but thankfully it hasn’t been killing our food budget too badly. I’ve just been lazy about it lately. If you have any recipes or you posted any on your blog recently, then share it in the comments below! I’m always looking for something new.

Being healthy:

I’ve been doing pretty horrible with this and I noticed that I gained a couple of pounds since the last time I weighed myself. We still haven’t looked at gym equipment for our little gym yet but I really do want to start Insanity since we already have the DVDs. Will have to actually start forcing myself!

How’s your spending, working out and extra income going?

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