10 Daily Challenges To Improve Your Life

Do you feel like your life isn’t going the way you want?

Maybe you had a different plan but things don’t seem to be going that way. Maybe you just want a change because anything is better than how things are currently going.

No matter how you’re feeling, I do believe that everyone is in charge of their own destiny.

If you feel things are not going the way you want them to be, then change it! You can improve your life and how you perceive it by possibly taking part in daily challenges.

I think challenges can change the way you think because they open you up to new ideas that you may not have experienced or realized before. By making yourself “uncomfortable” or putting yourself in a position that you are not used to, you will truly learn a lot about yourself.

Below are 10 daily challenges you may want to take to improve your life.

1. Take a risk.

Have you ever thought about doing something particularly risky but you were too afraid to go for it? Doing something risky every so often can get your heart beating and your adrenaline rushing. This can really make you feel alive and like you are in charge of your life.

Daily challenge: Next time you are unsure about a particular risk, think about the pros and cons instead of automatically turning the idea down.

2. Say yes.

If you often find that you’re hiding from everyone and you feel like you are stuck, you may want to try branching out and saying yes more often. Saying yes can open you up to more situations, more challenges in life, and so on.

Daily challenge: Next time someone asks you to do something (that is legal, of course), say yes no matter what.

3. Say no.

If you say yes to everything, but you are ready to pull your hair out, then you may want to start saying no. Saying no may allow you to have more time to focus on what you truly want to in life.

Daily challenge: Next time someone asks you to do something that you honestly cannot fit into your life, just say no. It’s really that easy.

4. Travel to a random place.

There are many wonderful places in the world. Traveling to a random place can help improve your confidence, open you up to new experiences, and may even make you a little uncomfortable. These are all things that will help you reevaluate what you may want to do in life.

Daily challenge: For your next vacation, why don’t you throw a coin on a map and see where it lands?

5. Exercise.

Whenever I’m feeling a little stressed out, tired, or even grumpy, I try to fit in a workout. I know that even a small workout is better than none.

Exercising is great and it can improve your life because it can make you healthier all around. You will feel more confident, your mind will be clearer, you will be able to better cope with stress, and more.

You can work out in whatever way you prefer. I’ve never been the type of person to go to the gym or go for a run, but I do like to go rock climbing or hiking. It’s whatever fits you and your situation best.

Daily challenge: At least a few times a week you should try to get in a good exercise session in. Make this a regular thing and fit it in no matter what.

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6. Think positively.

I say this often and I still believe it. Thinking positively can greatly improve your life and your outlook on life. Being positive can help motivate you, it can help you to not waste time on regret, and more.

Daily challenge: Every time something may bog you down or make you unhappy, try to think of a positive outcome that may come from it.

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7. Be kind to others.

Being kind can improve your life because you will feel better about yourself and you will be making others feel better as well.

Daily challenge: There are many daily challenges you could do to take part in this, such as:

  1. Say hello to every person you walk by today

  2. Open doors for others

  3. Smile at strangers

  4. Help someone with their groceries

  5. Volunteer somewhere.

8. Eliminate/cut back on social media and/or TV.

Our minds are greatly influenced by what we see on TV and on social media. Plus, it can be a huge waste of time.

Instead of turning on the TV or looking at social media the next time you are bored, you may want to try to do something more worthwhile such as working out, spending time with friends and family, reading a book, and so on.

Daily challenge: Every so often, try to completely cut out TV and/or social media for the day or even longer if you prefer.

9. Keep a journal.

While I don’t have a journal, I do have this blog, which acts as a journal in a way. Keeping a journal can help you reflect on your past and check in on your progress of how you are doing. Plus, spilling your heart out every so often is great for the mind and for the soul.

Daily challenge: Write in a journal once a day, once a week, or whenever you want. Just keep it regular and be completely honest with yourself.

10. Sit silently.

When was the last time you just sat down in complete silence with no distractions? For the average person, this is probably a rare occurrence.

Sitting silently can help you reflect on your life and what’s going on in the world around you. It can also help you relax, destress, and clear your mind.

Daily challenge: Every day or as much as you would like, try to sit down for anywhere from 10-30 minutes with no distractions whatsoever.

Have you ever taken part in any of these daily challenges? Do you believe taking part in daily challenges can improve your life? Why or why not?

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