16 Ways To Treat Yourself Without Going Broke

Everyone deserves to treat and reward themselves from time to time because life can be so hectic.

However, it can be easy to forget about slowing down and doing this.

Many people think that treating yourself has to break the bank.

Well, it doesn’t!

There are many ways to treat yourself without going over budget or taking on debt to do so.

Here are 16 big and small ways to treat yourself without going broke.

1. Go on a staycation

A staycation is when you take a vacation by exploring where you live. This can help you save money on airfare or other means of transportation, and you can even do it from the comfort of your own home.

The idea is to explore your area as a tourist would – I’m sure there are tons of things to do and places to visit that you have never had the chance to do before!

This can be a great way to treat yourself as you’ll pretty much be on a vacation, but you’ll get to save more money than if you were to go on a “normal” vacation.

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2. Make your favorite dessert

If you like to bake, then you may want to bake your favorite dessert. Take your time learning how to make the dessert and enjoy the whole process from start to finish.

Then, of course, eat it! This is one of my favorite ways to treat myself 🙂

3. Take a glorious nap

Most people don’t get enough sleep, and sometimes taking a random nap in the middle of the day is exactly what you need. Naps are free, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the heck out of it.

Give yourself a free reward by taking a refreshing nap!

4. Try something new

When was the last time you tried something new? Trying something new can add some spice to your life, and may even help you stay motivated with the rest of your day to day life. Plus, there are tons of things in life that are free that you’ve probably never tried.

You may even learn something about yourself!

5. Read your favorite book

What’s your favorite book? When was the last time you read it?

Treat yourself by reading your favorite book again. After all, it’s your favorite book for a reason!

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6. Call or Skype your favorite person

If you’ve been busier than normal, then you may not have had time to really talk to someone that you enjoy hanging out with. Setting aside a few minutes to catch up with someone you are close to is a great way to treat yourself. Plus, your friend or family member will love to hear from you!

7. Go for a hike

I go for a nice long hike with my dog every single day. I don’t bring my phone or any electronics. I use this time to think, brainstorm business ideas, and so on. I have my best ideas when I do this, but the hard part is trying to remember them for the hike back so that I can write them down!

Hiking is a great way to stay refreshed, see new sights, and get a good workout in.

8. Go outside

There are many other things you can do besides hiking.

You could:

  1. Go for a bike ride.

  2. Go rock climbing.

  3. Go for a walk.

  4. Go for a run with your dogs.

  5. Go for a swim.

  6. Go fishing.

  7. Go camping.

  8. Have a picnic.

  9. Have a bonfire.

  10. Gaze at the stars.

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9. Find free attractions in your city.

One thing I loved about living in St. Louis is that pretty much everything is free. There are free concerts with famous bands every summer, there are free museums, the zoo is free, there are countless free festivals, and more.

I’m sure St. Louis isn’t the only city which offers so many free options either. I recommend checking out your town’s calendar and website to see what free attractions are offered.

If you live in a town that is near a national park, you may also want to find out when their free entry days are. They usually have a few each year, and these days can be a great way to save money and enjoy amazing views. November 11 is the last free entry day for 2016, which you should check out if you can.

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10. Take a vacation day from work

Back when I had my day job, I would save days off and take them as half days all the time, and this allowed me to just work a few hours and then spend the rest of the day doing whatever else I wanted. It was a nice little break from work, and I still got paid.

If you have enough paid vacation days, then you may just want to take a random day off and treat yourself. Perhaps, make it a three day weekend for yourself by taking a Friday off.

11. Visit the library

Your local library can be a great way to treat yourself without spending any money.

You can check out the latest bestseller, a classic you’ve been wanting to read, or borrow a movie- which you can then bring home and have a fun night in with friends and/or family members.

12. Take a relaxing bath

When was the last time you took a nice, hot, relaxing bath? This is one thing that RV life has made me miss- there are no baths.

To treat yourself, turn off your cell phone and take a relaxing bath with some essential oils, a bath bomb, or whatever you want to add to the water. Light some candles, maybe play some music, and read a book.

13. Mystery shop for frugal fun

Mystery shopping won’t make you rich, but it can be an easy way to earn free meals at restaurants, free outings, free hotel stays, and more.

You’ll have to use your own money to pay for everything upfront and you will be required to fill out surveys afterward, but it’s a way to spoil yourself while still having frugal fun.

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14. Have a Netflix night

If you already have Netflix, then you may want to treat yourself by sitting at home, snuggling under some comfy blankets, and just watching Netflix all night.

This can be a great way to relax!

15. Purchase an adult coloring book

Adult coloring books are very popular right now. They are usually under $5 and are a great way to bring out your creative side.

Here’s a page on Amazon that has a ton of fun adult coloring books.

16. Get an affordable massage

You need to be careful if you decide to take part in this treat, but you may be able to find an affordable massage or spa day by browsing Groupon. Like I said, make sure you stay on task so that you don’t spend more money than you would have!

Or, trade massages with a partner if you have one. Then, you won’t even have to spend a penny.

In what ways do you treat yourself? Do you think that treating yourself always has to be expensive?


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