$3,275 in Extra Income and My Goals!

Hey everyone! I know that every weekend and every month seems to fly by, but I really mean it this time: September went by super quick!

I love October and Fall. Mainly because it means that sooo many holidays are upon us. And I really love Christmas so that just means that we keep getting closer and closer. And as you can see, my online income in September was awesome! I am very happy with this.

Also, lots of fails on my list, but I still consider September a successful month.

We plan on handing out candy this Halloween. Usually we go out every Halloween, but this time we plan on staying it (we still plan on going out the weekend before of course 🙂 ) Over 5 years of living together and this will be our first time! I can’t help but be a little excited. However, I did price out candy and it looks like we’ll be spending around $50. Hopefully I don’t eat it all myself either.

You can find my 2012 yearly goals update here.

September Goals

  1. Cut my food budget down to $400. FAIL. BLEHHH Should we even talk about this? Haha we will do better! We did a little too many celebrating last month.

  2. Workout at least 4 times a week and run with my dog. PASS. We’ve been running at the track in our neighborhood. I love it!

  3. Make an extra $1,500 this month. PASS PASS PASS. See below 🙂

  4. Read 2 books. FAIL. I didn’t read any and I didn’t finish the last Hunger Games book.

  5. Lay new stones around the front of our house. FAIL. We were going to look at the store, and then turned out because we were lazy.

  6. Hire someone to put carpet in. FAIL. Haven’t done this yet. I plan on calling places soon. I hear the best time to do this is soon, as if we wait any longer than we will run into a Christmas rush for carpet. What did you do to save money on carpet?

  7. Paint the guest bathroom. FAIL. Plan on painting it coral soon though!

  8. Install a new light in our dining room. FAIL. Wow lots of fails on my list.

October Goals (some of these are the same as I wasn’t able to accomplish them).

  1. Cut my food budget down to $500. I increased this a little bit. Hopefully this can be done!

  2. Workout at least 4 times a week and lose 3 pounds. Keeping this on my list so that I can constantly be thinking about it. I’ve also put on a little extra weight since school has ended. I hate it so I’m determined to lose it.

  3. Make an extra $1,500 this month. I kept this at the same amount as last month (even though I did awesome last month!). I’m thinking I can definitely do this 🙂

  4. Do all of the house stuff from last month that I did not do. Lay new stones around the front of our house. Hire someone to put carpet in. Paint the guest bathroom. Install a new light in our dining room. The list goes on and on.

  5. Find an awesome Halloween costume. I have no ideas. What are you going to be?

  6. Plan a girls trip to KC to see a friend. We were supposed to go in 2 weeks, but instead it was pushed to November. Oh well!

Blog Goals (I’m not focused on numbers, but it is interesting to see where I’m going).

  1. Twitter Followers: Goal was for 1,200, I’m currently at 1,230. I’m hoping to get 1,350.

  2. Alexa rank: Goal was to be under 90,000. I’m still stuck at around 90,000. I noticed that ever since I switched to WordPress, that is has been dropping (my 1-month and 7 day average) though. My goal for October is to be at 85,000.

  3. RSS readers: Goal was for 1,300, I’m WAY under this because I lost over 700 subscribers from the switch from Blogspot to WordPress. Oh well! Hopefully you guys are all still reading 🙂

  4. Guest post at least 2 times this month. I failed at this yet again.

Extra Monthly Income in September

  1. Online Income – $2,425

  2. Selling Clothes – $0

  3. Miscellaneous – $472

  4. Mystery Shopping – $53

  5. Rent – $325

So I actually made $3,275 extra last month!

How did you do in September? Any extra income?

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