$5,770 in Extra Income in December

This is proof on my online income since some of you have asked. This is for the month of December and before fees and expenses (expenses were around $600, and my actual pre-tax income is reflected in the title of this blog post) being taken out. The other income categories that are listed below were mainly just cash I received from my sister for rent. $6,045 plus $325 in rent minus $800 in expenses equals $5,770.

As you can obviously see, December was another successful month with extra income. Our extra income is actually over $1,000 higher because of extra money that W made as well but I don’t ever include his extra income in with mine..

December was yet again another good month and we seem to be on a good roll with our incomes.

W and I have both increased our incomes by a substantial amount. For me it was because of my online side jobs that I have (my income from my actual job is salary and does not fluctuate), and for him it was because of his job that he was hired for back in September. He used to make a much smaller amount at his old job (he mainly worked there for the great benefits).

December was a great month. We went on an awesome vacation that we decided on at the last second. St. Thomas was wonderful and I also got engaged there. St. Thomas was wonderful and our dreams of traveling more are definitely on our minds all the time.

I also have a fitness/finance blog that will be ready this month. I’m doing the finishing touches and it should be ready to go soon. My sister will be running it as a way to keep track of her fitness (I believe she has lost around 40 pounds, she also already has a pretty large Instagram following of over 2,500 people). She also isn’t the greatest with her finances, so that is why I wanted her to have a fitness and finance mix so that she could learn more about finances. Hope you all enjoy it once it’s ready!

You can find my 2012 yearly goals update and 5 year plan here.

December Goals Update

  1. Keep our food budget down to $400. PASS. We did pretty good with this. I didn’t do a good job with tracking the amount that we spent, but I’m sure we were under this.

  2. Workout at least 4 times a week and lose 3 pounds. FAIL. No words…

  3. Make an extra $2,500 this month. PASS. See above and below! 🙂

  4. Start decorating the dining room and GET CARPET MICHELLE. FAIL. Haha this is a joke. This will be on my list forever.

  5. Have fun on vacation and spend no more than $1,500. We had a great time on vacation! I will definitely be posting more pictures soon. And we definitely did not spend more than $1,500. I believe we spent around $1,000 on the whole trip.

  6. Read 2 books. FAIL. I almost finished the final Hunger Games book but that is all.

January Goals

  1. Keep our food budget down to $400. This will always be on my goals list as this is something that we will always be working on. The months where we would spend thousands on food every month are long gone and I am very happy with that.

  2. Workout at least 3 times a week and lose 2 pounds. I lowered this by a little bit. Obviously increasing it last month was a FAIL. We plan on looking at home gym equipment this month and pricing it out. Do you have a home gym? How much was it?

  3. Make an extra $4,000 this month. I increased this by a lot compared to last month, but it is still lower than what I made last month and November. I do believe this is doable.

  4. Make sure the new blog starts off great! I’m doing a lot of things on the new blog that I did wrong with mine. Not having a newsletter, starting with a professional design on WordPress and so on.

Blog Goals

  1. Twitter Followers: Goal was for 1,850 and I’m currently at 1,930. I’m hoping to get 2,050. PASS

  2. Alexa rank: Goal was for 60,000. And I’m at this amount. However, I am not focused on this. A lot of the bigger bloggers are at around 100,000, so I know that Alexa doesn’t really mean anything. PASS

  3. Guest post at least 2 times this month. Hahaha FAIL

Extra Monthly Income in December

  1. Online Income (this includes staff writing, blog, virtual assistant tasks) – $5,645

  2. Selling Clothes – $100

  3. Miscellaneous – $300

  4. Mystery Shopping – $0

  5. Rent – $325

So I made $6,370 extra last month (before expenses, etc.)!

How did you do in December? Any extra income?

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