5 Ways To Increase Your Curb Appeal

One of the top things we are focused on now is improving the outside of our home with different curb appeal ideas. Our home is nice, but since we haven’t been there the curb appeal has gone down a little bit.

We plan on changing that though. The way your home looks from the street can greatly impact how long it takes to sell as well as the price at which your home sells for.

Below are five curb appeal ideas so that you can sell your home fast and for a higher amount.

1. Keep your yard clean.

When trying to sell your home, you should always make sure that your yard is clean. We actually had a mishap with this when our home was first placed on the market in that we thought our lawn company was mowing our lawn, but they actually were not. This meant that our lawn was extremely lawn and messy looking, which I’m sure scared some buyers away.

Thankfully our realtor swung by one day and noticed this and told us that it needed to be cut. We found a new lawn company and now our lawn looks great again.

Some things you will want to do include:

  1. Pick up any sticks.

  2. Pick up after your pet.

  3. Mow your lawn on a regular basis.

  4. Get rid of any weeds in your yard.

  5. Pick up trash and so on.

2. Paint your home.

Paint can go a long way, and for the most part it is rather affordable. You can completely transform a home by using some paint. You could paint the whole outside of your home, the shutters, your front door, wood beams, and so on.

3. Power wash different areas.

If you have a power washer or if you can borrow/rent one, then I highly recommend it. Power washing different parts of your home such as your driveway can make everything look brand new again.

4. Add plants to the exterior of your home.

Plants can go a long way when increasing the curb appeal of your home. You could plant flowers, put down grass seed, and/or just add some easy potted plants to the outside of your home.

5. Consider adding outdoor furniture.

While most do not want to buy all new furniture before they are about to sell their home, nice furniture can really help when selling a home. To make it easier on you, you may want to buy something that you know you want and something that you know will work well with your next home as well.

What curb appeal ideas do you have?

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