7 Things List

I’m doing another 7 Things post, my last one can be found here. Judy did another one, so I thought I should do one too.

What are seven things you have done, still have to do, and hope to do? Here’s mine:

7 things we have done:

  1. Finally finished decorating the basement. We now have couches, a desk, a flat screen, coffee table, and so on down there.

  2. Started watching for food spending, and we have saved a lot now!

  3. We started saving a little more, but we want to start aggressively saving soon.

  4. Paid a little more to my school loans every month

  5. Increased our monthly mortgage payment

  6. Cleaned and decorated the guest bedroom

  7. Cleaned the front yard

7 Things we still have to do:

  1. Pay off my school loans

  2. Pay off the car loan

  3. Finish funding my emergency fund

  4. Paint nearly every room in our house

  5. Start aggressively saving

  6. Take my dogs to the vet for shots

  7. Talk with our lending agent about refinancing the house

7 Things we hope to do in 2012:

  1. Pay off the car loan completely

  2. Re-carpet the living room

  3. Install new lighting in the dining room

  4. I don’t hope to do this, but the BF does. He wants a new car next summer

  5. Finish my MBA program!

  6. Go to Europe

  7. Start aggressively paying off my school loans (I’m shooting for at least $1,000 a month)

Your turn!

As many of you might notice, I’ve changed the blog quite a bit today, let me know what you like and don’t like!


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