8 DAYS Until The Wedding and Weekly Update

This past week has been pretty crazy for me since our wedding is next week. I know, I know, you are probably so sick and tired of me talking about the wedding! There is still so much to do and the wedding is next Saturday…

I don’t think I did anything this week except for things related to freelancing or the wedding. Haha, I can’t wait for the wedding to come so that I can start enjoying other parts of my life!

We did go for a nice bike ride yesterday though. We rode 18.10 miles and it was fun, but super tiring.


We spent a decent amount of money, all related to the wedding. We spent around $300 at Target buying random things like a basket for wedding cards, bug spray (we’re having an outdoor wedding and I would hate for everyone to be eaten alive), candy for the candy table, gifts for my bridesmaids (I bought most of their gifts last year though), and more.

We also had our final payment on the wedding bathrooms due, which was $550 (we paid the rest a few months ago). There are two bathrooms on the property but, of course, you can’t have 200 people using a home’s septic system.

I paid for the hair and makeup for everyone (all 9 of us!) and that was $1,112 including tip. I had my hair and makeup trial this week as well and it all turned out great! If you need a hair and makeup team for your St. Louis wedding, we chose a bridal company that is owned by a girl that Wes went to high school with. She is super nice and she said she does around 50 weddings a year. Let me know if you are interested in her contact information.

We also paid $1,000 for our wedding gift to the family for letting us use the property.

We paid for two tuxes for the groomsmen to help them out.

Alterations on my wedding dress were done and that was $165.

Groomsmen gifts were bought and that was around $300.

As you can probably tell, we are a little above our wedding budget now. I plan on doing a full wedding budget recap after the wedding is over and all expenses are done with.

Business Income

May was a great month, but I’m not sure if I did my best. Wedding stuff definitely got in the way of me being able to work more, so I’m hoping that June or July will mean that things will get back to normal.

If anyone needs any help, check out my Hire Me page and let me know what services you are interested in.

Being healthy

We have been doing fairly well with being healthy. We have been riding our bikes a lot and have been eating healthy. It’s been nice!

Wedding Planning

Most of my wedding updates are above in the “Spending” category. Wedding planning has been a lot of fun, and it’s crazy that there is only one week left. I can’t wait until I actually get to have fun on the wedding day and let the wedding coordinator take over.

We did finally apply for our marriage license yesterday. It was $57.49 I believe.

We still haven’t thought about our honeymoon much though. We are thinking Belize for a few days and then coming home to get our dogs to do a fun road trip. We have been thinking A LOT about moving to Florida in a few years, and we would like to see a few different towns before we do that. Are we weird/crazy? 🙂

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Have you been doing well with your income, spending and being healthy?

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