A Tornado and $888 in Extra Income

Hey everyone! Happy Monday. This past week was okay, and that is because of the wild weather that we have been having in Missouri lately. There was a tornado in my city on Wednesday and it actually landed in our neighborhood. There are also reports that there was a SECOND tornado that landed on the opposite end of my neighborhood at the same time.

Me and W were out eating at a restaurant when the tornado sirens went off. In Missouri, the tornado sirens seem to go off weekly, so it’s hard to take them seriously. That was a big mistake! I know, I know, a lot of you will think we are very stupid. We were at a restaurant (and this restaurant was PACKED, so it just shows that no one else takes them seriously) and once the sirens stopped, the rain seems to slow down as well. We thought we would take the chance and drive home. Keep in mind that this restaurant is at the beginning of our subdivision, and only about .25 miles from our house.

We got in the car and everything seemed to go downhill. We made the turn to enter our subdivision and couldn’t even see out the car window because it was so windy and the rain was coming down so hard. We stopped the car for a second, but we felt like the car was picking up from the wind and had no where to go. Then a power line started to spark and catch on fire right next to us, so we decided that stopping was not a good idea and that we should just try and make it home. So we are driving and are ALMOST home (we could see our house) and a huge tree falls down right before us and blocks the whole road and we can’t even drive into anyone’s yards because of the tree blocking everything. Also, trees were falling down everywhere, with at least 20 or 30 gigantic trees down in our neighborhood. So we pulled the Camaro into someone’s driveway and noticed that their garage door was open and ran inside their garage. We of course didn’t feel comfortable in someone’s random garage that could easily blow over, so we started banging on their front door.

However, it was extremely loud because of the tornado, and we couldn’t even hear ourselves knocking on their door. No one came. So we cowered on their front porch (it was a pretty deep porch) and hid their for about 5 minutes. The wind then seemed to die down, so we decided it was our chance to gun it home. We couldn’t see anywhere in front of us and didn’t even know where we were in our own neighborhood because of all of the trees that were laying in the streets. We saw our neighbors’ roofs on the street, trampolines and sheds in front yards and on top of houses and so on. We had to jump out of the car very quickly and move trees and branches multiple times so that we could drive.

Definitely the most terrifying thing ever. Everything at our house is fine, and we most likely need a new roof and a couple of other things. We’re just happy that we were safe! Oh yeah, and then our power was out until Friday at around 3pm. That was a joy. We have definitely learned our lesson and whenever the sirens come on (which is every single time it rains here), we will be searching for a basement. I’ve never been or seen a tornado before this past week, so it changed my life.

Anyways, I’m still winning when it comes to my student loans. My student loan plan is still on track and I will be paying them completely within the next couple of weeks. I know I’m going to have a hard time parting with so much money, but in the end it will be best. No longer having student loan payments will feel like heaven, and it’ll be so nice to know that I have paid them off so quickly.


We did some major shopping this weekend, but it was all free because of a large amount of money that W has on a gift card that he received from his work. We have been trying to spend money on ourselves this whole weekend and it was hard! The gift card is also good at Lowes, and we plan on buying a new grill, some nice patio furniture, lights to light a pathway in the front yard, and tons of plants. Can’t wait until we go shopping for that, especially since it is all free.

I also contacted a landscaper, as many of you suggested. We just don’t have the time, and we have so many things that we need done. We found a flyer at our front door, and it turns out this guy just lives 3 doors down. I called him and he came over on Friday. We need a front and backyard cleanup (there is tons of trash because of the tornado), gutters cleaned, trash hauled (we have tons of branches and leaves in bags, and also carpet that needs to be gone), and vines killed in the backyard. He said he would do all of this for $175, which I think is great. Is this a normal price? We’ve never had this done before and don’t know. We’re also going to have him mow the lawn for at least a couple of months as well, which he quoted us a price of $28 per week. I’m guessing that’s normal also. I plan on calling him today, so give me your input!

Anyways, I’m fine with paying money in order to get things done. Would you pay to get things like this done if it meant that you have more time for yourself? Or are we crazy?

Extra Income (does not include income from our main jobs)

Extra income was lower in the past week, mainly because the power went out at our house from Wednesday through Friday because of the tornado. Most of my extra income efforts are from things that I do online, so of course it’s hard to do any of my side hustles if I have no power! It’s hard to make any extra money online when you don’t have internet for half of the week! I could have done things this weekend, but I prefer to have weekends to myself. Oh well, I will catch up with everything next week.

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We’re doing good with our food spending, but not the greatest. We had to throw away almost all of our food in our fridge since the power was out and most of the food spoiled. The food in the freezer was fine though and still COMPLETELY frozen (which we were very surprised by), and we kept all of that.

Being healthy

I’m still doing good with this. Since a lot of our food spoiled, I replaced everything with more healtheir options and was able to get rid of a ton of junk food. Because of this, I consider this the only good thing that happened when the power was out haha. Also, I have been addicted to eating kiwis, and got a great deal at Aldi the other day. 24 kiwis for only $4! Yes, I said $4! The grocery store that I normally shops at would price that at $12, and the quality of fruit at Aldi always seems to be better.

Have you been doing well with your extra income, spending and being healthy?

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