Being Positive

Happy Friday everyone. This month seems like it’s flying by. I love summer, but I’d rather be done with classes. Anyways, I’m mixing things up today and I’m not going to talk about money as much as I usually do.

Everything seems to be going really good in my life, and I’m happy about that. Between my great job, great family and that we are getting our new car today. Yes we found one, more on that in another post!

I do believe that looking at the positive about things is good. Even if you’re having a horrible time, thinking positively can change everything. I know that not everyone believes in this, but it works for me.

Also, other little things that you can do help. Smile at the next person you see. Help someone with their groceries. Tip someone maybe a little extra. Buy an unsuspecting stranger something. Jen at the Happy Homeowner did this and I LOVED all of her stories. Or just do a random kind act for someone.

What I’m thankful for in my life:

My dogs. Of course they come first 🙂 Even though my littlest dog barks so much that sometimes I want to rip my ears out, I still love him. And of course my big girl is still perfect.

The boy. Of course I’m thankful for him! He is wonderful and does so much for me. It’s been over 6 years and we’re still great 🙂

My sister and my family. Living with my sister has been definitely going great so far. Of course we still have our sisterly fights and she thinks I’m evil, but it’s been good. We been going out to eat at restaurants, hanging out, and she helps out around the house. Before she lived with us, I would hang out with her maybe once or twice a year, and that was it.

My job. My job is great. Everyone that I work with is nice and I’m extremely grateful for my job. One last certification exam and then I’ll be moving on up!

My education. I’m almost done with my MBA. Sick of hearing that yet?

What are you thankful for?

What good things are happening in your life?


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