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Hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I have so much to do today. Homework, group projects, studying for midterms (which are next week), cleaning, and so much more! Save me.

Interesting Search Keywords:

  1. teenage girl pregnant in waiting room

  2. How do I not spend all my money

  3. How to work out

  4. Scared people running

  5. Nasty hair

My comment on these:

  1. Not sure where the pregnant keyword comes from.

  2. Just don’t spent all your money!

  3. At least walk around and that should be something!

  4. Ha I don’t even know what to say about this one.

  5. I’m really hoping I don’t have nasty hair…

Some blog shout outs (and blog posts I love):

  1. Over at From Shopping to Saving, she’s going to be a homeowner! Congrats!

  2. Upendilife had good news. Congrats on being accepted into a university!

  3. Over at Well Heeled Blog, she’s trying to decide what she wants to do. I’m extremely jealous of her school and travel situation.

  4. I always feel like I can relate to everything Daisy says, especially about life do-overs.

  5. Tanner’s been talking about vacations, and I love anything with vacations.

  6. The Happy Homeowner cut down her Harvard expenses by a TON

Have a great day!



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