Boring Sunday

I found the above picture on Pinterest. Yes I know that picture is massive, but I thought that would be a funny idea for a Christmas present for my mom. I’m going to see if my sister will help with that. Recreating pictures is always funny.

Sunday at my house is pretty boring. I just woke up around 30 minutes ago (it’s 5:00 pm right now). I always oversleep on the weekends and I always regret it.

Anyways, today (or tonight), I am about to go work out with the BF, then we are hitting up a Chinese restaurant, and then I have a TON of homework and a test to study for. So, this will not be a fun night. But that’s all right, I officially got the OK to graduate for my MBA next Spring, as long as the classes that I need are offered. So here’s to hoping that they are all offered!

And last night was fun. I guess my friend realized that she finally owed me drinks (I’m not sure what made her realize this), so she bought me a couple of drinks. So me and the BF only spent $33 last night. Well I guess we spent $42, because we got Qdoba beforehand. I had a buy one get one free entree coupon so it was cheap!

How was your weekend?


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