Bridal Shower and $3,645 in Extra Income

A goal of mine…

Hey everyone! Happy Monday. The weekend went by way too quickly. Saturday was a pretty productive day and I was able to do a decent amount of freelancing projects.

On Sunday, I went to a bridal shower for my good friend and it was a lot of fun.

I know that I was supposed to post our engagement photos last Wednesday, but I’m still working on finishing that post up, so those will be here either tomorrow or Wednesday.

Life without student loans has been AMAZING. I tried to reward myself by shopping for some new clothes but couldn’t find anything. Oh well!

Being able to pay off my student loans is definitely a reward in itself. To think that just last year I had $40,000 in student loans and today I do not is INSANE to think about. I would always read blogs and think “eh, that’s not possible.” But now I know it is!


We didn’t do a ton of spending this past week. I gave my friend her bridal shower present and paid for a part of her Chicago bachelorette party, but those expenses have been factored in for quite some time.

We do need to start saving for our vacation to New Orleans. I’m not sure how much that will cost, but I’m assuming it will cost somewhat of a decent amount, even though we are driving.

Extra Income (does not include income from our main jobs)

Extra income was very good last week. I have been waiting on several payments and received payments for others fairly quickly, which made last week awesome. I love not having to chase payments for months. I also added a “hire me” tab above on Friday and hope to increase my freelancing before I make the jump to complete self-employment.

I would like to add more freelancing to my list, and I would especially like to add a little more after I make the switch and have more time. In the beginning, I do see myself relaxing more and enjoying more of my time, as I will have an extra 50-60 hours available each week. Thank you all for your input last week and telling my that I need to enjoy life. Now, if only I could listen to myself.

I still don’t know when my for sure self-employment switch date will be. I’m still a little afraid to give up such a stable income form my day job, but I do know that I need to get over that. Life can’t be all about playing it safe.

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Being healthy

We have both been doing really good with being more healthy. We did eat unhealthy sometimes, but for the most part we ate really well and very clean. We have been riding our bikes a lot. I also try to run at least 2 miles each day – not a ton, but we are also riding our bikes, lifting and other workouts. I’ve also been doing at least 100 squats per day which hopefully helps with something!

We also have been talking about eventually being able to bike the Katy Trail. This is a trail that goes from St. Louis to Kansas City, Missouri and is around 300 miles. This sounds incredibly scary to me, but we would both love to be able to do this. Have you ever done something like this? How long did it take?

Have you been doing well with your extra income, spending and being healthy?


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