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Today I have a post from Bre. I’ve been swamped at work this week, so this post came at a much needed time. Anyways, I always love beauty items on a budget. The items that she has listed below are great comparisons, for MUCH much cheaper. Who doesn’t love a great deal?

Hello Making Sense of Cents readers!

Bre here from Basically Bre!

I am pretty much your typical blonde, fashion loving, twenty-somthing gal. I only wish I had the “sense about cents” like Michelle over here! I am more of an attempt at a fashion blogger! However I am pretty savvy when it comes to shopping and beauty products! I like to shop so I have to shop on a budget!

I am here today to tell y’all a few of my beauty shopping secrets. Well no secrets, just lessons learned when I spent money on the nice stuff and learned that the drug store stuff was just as good, if not better!

-My favorite budget friendly find has been the Rimmel London Natural Bronzer. I used to pay $26 for Urban Decay Baked Bronzer which I was in love with! After going through a rather broke stage in my life I stumbled upon the Rimmel bronzer and I swear the $4 stuff is even better than the UD bronzer! Just be sure to try and go lighter with the Rimmel bronzer, it tends to run a little dark!

-Being the Urban Decay addict I was I almost gave in and paid $50 bucks for the infamous Naked palette. So glad I didn’t! When e.l.f. became popular I scooped up one of their palettes and was very pleased! I am not sure of the exact palette I have but any of their shadows are great and fun! And for $1-$8 price tag you really can’t beat it! I have also found that many drug store shadows are identical to the Naked colors, just try some out!

-Philosophy, oh Philosophy. I love their products but the price tags just don’t love my wallet! I got a sample of Hope in a Jar a few months back and was very impressed. However once I realized a small 4oz jar was $60 I knew a jar was never in my future! I squeezed that little sample tube till it was dry and then googled the next best thing. Enter Olay Moisturizer, all-day UV coverage with SPF 15. It is wonderful! I love how my skin feels, its not greasy, not too runny or thick, the perfect moisturizer! The SPF is also a huge plus, something that the Hope in a Jar didn’t have!

-I am a lip-color, lip-stick addict. I even wrote a post about all my favorite lip colors and why they were my favorite! So maybe I have been known to spend too much money on lip colors. Like NARS, it started with my fire-engine-red color and down hill from there! However I recently started using Maybelline Baby Lips and discovered that for $3 I could get some color, moisture and SPF 20! Hollah!! My favorite is the Peach Kiss, nude color and awesome moisture. The Cherry Me and Grape Vine also provide just a hint of color that is flawless for a $3 “chap-stick!”

Well ladies there ya have it, a few of my budget friendly finds! I can’t reveal all my secrets in one post so be sure to head over to my blog and read some more!

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