Budget Busters and my Plans

Kauai 2012

Budget busters, we all have them. There are a lot of things that I want to do with my money, and they tend to ruin my planned budgets.

Last month, Daisy made a post on things she wants to do as well. I’ve had this post in draft mode for quite some time, but once I noticed that Daisy posted hers, I finally had the push to finish it.

Also, over at Savvy Financial Latina, she talked about how they are spending money because they are young and want to enjoy themselves. Budget busters are everywhere!

This is kind of how we’ve been feeling as well and there are just so many things that we want to spend our money on. We are young NOW, so I want to enjoy it now as long as it is all truly affordable.

Writing (or typing) things out is really helpful for me. I can realistically see how much I plan on spending and therefore how much I also need to save.

Recently, I made a post of my $38,000 student loan payoff plan, and while I have figured out that most of my money next year will be dedicated towards this, there are a ton of other things that I want to do with my money next year and the year after as well.

1. Student Loans

I’ve already talked about this in my recent post, but this is a big one and just wanted to give it some more lovin’! This is definitely a budget buster and a lot of our income will be going towards this in the beginning of next year.

2. Go on vacations

Yes, that is vacations with an “s.” I want to go on at least one with the Boy of course (I feel like I should give him a fake name soon, what do you all think? I think saying “the Boy” is getting rather annoying. I’ll start calling him W from now on).

And I also already have one vacation planned for my friend’s bachelorette party on Beale Street (we’re excited for this trip!) Anyone else been there?

Me and W also both need passports, so we need to pay for this as well. Mine expired when I was 16 (or 18? Not sure), so I definitely need a new one. We really want to go out of the country to places such as Spain, Italy, Thailand, South Africa and everywhere else. Our list is endless!

Vacations are expensive, but they are definitely something that I value.

3. Buy a new house

Yes, you all can kill me. We will beginning saving for a down payment for our next house once my student loans are completely gone.

Why do we want a new house? Well, we bought our current house at the age of 20 years old and we are just outgrowing it. While we still really do LOVE our house, and it is nice for us, we just want something bigger with some land. We know exactly what we want (see the picture above as an example of my DREAM house), which is a log type home on at least 10 acres. Of course the picture above is of a house that is most likely millions of dollars, but you get the idea 🙂

I plan on making a post further on this soon, and I LOVE talking about buying homes and plans for that, so be prepared for a scary long one.

Do you think we are crazy? We don’t plan on buying a new house until 2014, and aren’t positive whether we want to rent our current one out once we move or just sell it. What would you do?

4. Wedding

Even though we are not engaged, we have of course talked about getting married. Yes, it’s not romantic but I really do not care since I am someone who believes that marriage doesn’t truly change anything. That’s what happens when you’ve been with someone for over 6 years, lived together for over 5, have a mortgage and fur-children who you love.

We’ve always known that we would get married, but it was mainly bad timing because of family problems. I DO know that I want a big wedding and I would really love to reconnect with my dad’s side of the family. I haven’t talked to them much since he passed away, and this is definitely something that has been holding back the wedding because I want to have a closer relationship with my grandfather and everyone else, it is just hard to talk to his side of the family without crying! But it is something that I am working on.

We have talked about getting married next summer as well, and have budgeted for this and plan on saving for it as well. We already know where we want to get married (which is actually the place where the first picture in my Extra Income and Life Update post was taken).

We have an idea of how much we want to spend and it is definitely possible, but we do realize that we will have over 300-400 people at the wedding and the planning will be crazy, so that will have to be thought about as well.

How much did you spend on your wedding? I promise my blog won’t turn into a wedding blog! 🙂

What are your budget busters?

Any big purchases that you are planning?

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