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Change is building an artificial intelligence to help people with their personal finances. The way that this personal finance service works is that you link your bank and/or credit card accounts to their service, the AI technology gets to know your financial personality and communicates to you pleasantly through text message. The aim is to help keep you on track financially. When their services identifies opportunities to help you to decrease your spending and increase the amount of money you save, it then gives you ways to change.

I signed up for their service and got to experience it first hand. I connected one of my credit cards and wanted to see what they would recommend for my financial situation. The first text message told me exactly what I spent in the previous 5 days. The text said:

“Your total spending on your credit card for this week was $XXX.XX (Mon-Fri).”

I thought this was very interesting to see exactly how much I spent the previous week. Yes, I can log into my credit card account and see, but receiving a text message reminder is very “in your face” so that you can really get to know your spending habits. Plus, it’s so easy this way! This is an ongoing experience where you get a text message with personal insights based on your own spending habits every 1-2 days.

My second text message said:

“Some recurring payments tend to be forgotten. For example, you spend $19.95 per month on ‘FRESHBOOKS’. That adds up to $239.40 per year.”

This was interesting as well that the service was able to tell what was a recurring payment. It was also nice that they pointed it out because I know so many people who are signed up for recurring payments and then easily forget about them. Freshbooks isn’t an expense that I can get rid of, but I know that for others they may be paying for a recurring expense that they don’t need.

Now, you may be wondering a little bit more about Change, their company, and the service that they offer. Read below for more information and to see my Change review.

Who/What is Change?

Change is an invisible app, so you don’t have to download anything. You just sign up for the service through your cell phone or online on their website. After that, Change then works for you easily.

From their website:

“We are a group of Behavioral Experts and Data scientists that are trying to transform personal finance into an easy experience. That is why we decided to build an Artificial Intelligence that works behind the scenes to make sure you are on track financially, and never spiral out of control.”

Their company is called Change because:

“We believe that money is not about budgets and numbers – it is about behavioral CHANGE. Our service uses Data Science and Behavioral Economics to help you make small changes in the way you manage your personal finance so you can reach your dreams.”

How does Change work?

It’s so easy to get Change to work for you. You just create an account, link your credit card or bank account, then Change’s technology gets to work and talks to you through text message to keep you on track.

Change is completely free, so there is no reason not to try it out!

Is Change safe?

This is a completely reasonable question, and one that I always research whenever a new personal finance company is being reviewed on my blog.

Yes, Change is safe.

Change uses advanced security measures in order to make sure that all of your information, personal data, and accounts are safe. They encrypt any data that they come across and they do not see or keep any of your login credentials when you connect any of your accounts to their system. So, there are no worries in regards to safety.

Click here to sign up for Change.

Are you interested in trying out Change? How do you think it could help you?


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