Christmas Gifts that I need to get

I have some shopping done, but not all of it. Ok lets be real, I have hardly any of it done. I guess the first stuff is making a list right? I’m so stressed out! I felt really sick yesterday when I woke up and wasn’t able to do anything yesterday. What a wonderful day off.

  1. Kid #1: Already bought some stuff, now I want to get a mustache pacifier.

  2. Kid #2: Something dinosaur related

  3. Kid #3: ahhh not sure yet

  4. Kid #4: A PS3 game

  5. Kid #5: A bunch of crafty stuff from the craft store.

  6. Mom: Not sure yet.

  7. Sister: She wants a dvd holder, jewelry stand, makeup and stuff for her room.

  8. BF’s Mom: A necklace

  9. Family friend: Giftcard to a restaurant most likely

  10. Boss #1: Gift card and some fudge

  11. Boss #2: Gift card and some fudge

  12. Coworker: Gift card and some fudge

How’s your shopping going? I hope you’re not like me!


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