I spend a lot of money on commuting every month. Between me and the BF, we spend an estimated $900 a month on our cars. That includes one car payment ($400), car insurance ($120), gas ($300 – $350), and maintenance (around $200 every 6 months). We always wish that we lived in a place where cars weren’t depended on so much.

Different ways to commute:

  1. Walk– I wish we could walk to work, this would save soooo much money, and we would be healthier. This is definitely not possible.

  2. Bike– Not possible again. Where I live, nearly everything is divided by rivers, and none of the bridges have a bike lane.

  3. Drive– this is what I do of course.

  4. Bus/Subway– Kind of possible, but not what I want to do. No time for this. It would take me nearly 2 hours to get to work if I did this.

  5. Carpool– Wish I could carpool, but the metro area where I live is pretty big, so no one really comes from the same area.

What’s your driving situation? How much do you spend every month?

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