Commuting and Gas Prices

Over at The Happy Homeowner, money hasn’t been spent on gas since July 8th! How is this possible? Biking to work makes this possible. So much money is saved when not having to be forced to rely on gas and cars.

Where I live, it’s pretty much impossible to commute by any other means than a car. If you take the bus, it’ll take 2 hours to get somewhere (whereas it would only take 10 minutes if you drove). This is not an exaggeration as the BF took the bus and train to work for around 1 month to save money, and then we realized he was spending 4 hours each day just on commuting, even though his work was only 10 miles away.

How do you commute? Do you take a car, bus, train, bike, walk, or what?

Also, with rising gas prices, we have been cancelling our random driving that we usually do. We love just driving around, but it’s just not possible with the gas prices.

What have you done to balance your budget against gas prices?

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Check it out! You can find my bucket list here, but here’s a snippet. Activities/Adventure/Fun

  1. Go skydivin

  2. Get my piloting license (I have my first class soon!)

  3. Go parasailing in the ocean



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