December Goals

Now that November is done, I need to create goals for December. Hopefully I get more done this month. My last final is on December 12th (I think) and once that’s over, I’ll have a lot of time (for a month until classes start again). However it is busy at work right now and it’ll be really busy until the beginning of January, so it’s like the business never ends…

  1. Reassess My Budget. We’ve been doing really good with watching our food spending, and I would like to see if we could beat it anymore.

  2. Start and Finish Homework Before it’s Due. Now that classes are almost over, I really need to start and finish everything.

  3. Workout at least 2 times a week. Me and one of my friends decided that we are going to start working out once classes end, so that’s in 2 weeks. That I’ll be working out hardcore.

  4. Call and attempt to lower student loan interest rate. I still haven’t done this so this remains on the list.

  5. Volunteer at least two days this month. This probably will not happen, but I’m hoping it does. I’m on an e-mail list for a local animal shelter, and whenever they need a little help, they just send out an e-mail, so I might do this.

  6. Sell My Stuff on Ebay. I want to do this before December 5th. This is a goal that is fast approaching.

  7. Finish my Christmas list by December 20th. Usually I’m still Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. This is bad and very stressful.

  8. Make a new/different meal at least 3 times a week. This is still on my list. I’m thinking of buying a crockpot, anyone have any good recipes?

  9. I don’t even know if I should include this anymore, because obviously it’s not happening anytime soon, but here I go… Find a part-time job so that I can start paying off my student loans.

What are your December goals?

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