December Goals and Life Update

Our magnetic Save the Dates! Ignore the really bad lighting and picture. I took it with my broken phone. Also, of course the black box won’t be over the location 🙂

Hey everyone! I hope all of you had a great weekend. Today’s post will be all about my goals from last month and my new goals for this month. Make sure to come back tomorrow for my monthly income update.

November was another great month. It was my first full month of self-employment. As I have been saying a lot recently, it still doesn’t feel real!

November was busy, but I have a lot more free time than I used to. I’m still looking to add more clients and added a few in November (those will be talked about in tomorrow’s income post).

Working a normal 40 hour week (possibly less if TVs did not exist) all in the comfort of my home has been a blessing.

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving as well. There are many things that I am thankful for, and every day the list keeps growing! We had Thanksgiving over at W’s grandma’s, like we do every year. It’s always a great time and all of the yummy food is another positive.

We finally decided where we will be traveling to in January and February for our long trip. We have decided on China (just three days for our layover, as you need a visa if you stay longer), Thailand, Indonesia and a few days in South Korea before we fly back. So, most of our time will be spent in Thailand and Indonesia (about 20-25 days each).

If you have any tips for airlines, accommodations or traveling in general in those areas. Please let me know! Or, if you know of any websites that I need to check out, please leave a comment about that as well. I like to research like CRAZY before a trip because I am a weirdo like that.

December will be another great month. We are going to St. Thomas and I will be doing some work there with a past client (hopefully!) and will get to relax as well.

November Goals Update

  1. Keep our food budget under $400 and meal plan. FAIL. Eh. We definitely did not do the greatest with our food budget. We need to start meal planning again because just buying food without a meal plan is not the best way to go grocery shopping.

  2. Make $10,000 in business income this month. PASS. November was another good month for income! Come back tomorrow to read further 🙂

  3. Send out our Save-the-Dates. PASS. We finally ordered our Save the Dates and addressed all of the envelopes this past weekend. So, all we have to do is put them in the mail, so I’m calling this a pass.

  4. Find a caterer. PASS. I just need to finalize the catering plans. Luckily finding a BBQ caterer is fairly easy in St. Louis!

December Goals

  1. Keep our food budget under $400 and meal plan. I made a meal plan yesterday. Nachos, tacos, lasagna and some crock pot meals are on our meal plan for this week.

  2. Make $10,000 in business income this month. I definitely think this is possible for December. I already have plenty of work lined up. I do need to find a way to realistically grow the business while we are on our trip as well.

  3. Book the caterer and wedding rentals. We need to have this finalized before we go on our trip.

  4. Book our flights and accommodations. Yes, I know, we are very late doing this. We are leaving next month for our long trip and we haven’t booked anything. I plan on doing that this week!

  5. Find a camera. We need to buy a new camera for our trip. Our current camera is a touch screen that never likes to work that was bought around four or five years ago. We need something better. What do you recommend?

This is the gazebo we will be using for our wedding. How should we decorate it?

How did you do in November? What is your main goal for December?

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