December Goals Update and New January Goals

Hello! December was a great month for us.

We were active, we ate more healthy than usual, spent time with family, and we had another good business month (read my December monthly income report).

In December, we traveled to Memphis for Christmas to spend time with Wes’s parents and his siblings. It was a fun time and I always love spending time with his wonderful family. We ate delicious food, played Cards Against Humanity with his family (that was interesting!), and had a lot of fun.

I think we also somewhat narrowed down where we want to move to. We are still going back and forth with different cities and areas, but right now we are really liking the Durango area in Colorado. Anyone ever been? What did you think of it? We plan on visiting again soon. And, of course, we plan on renting before we buy to make sure wherever we move to is the spot for us.

The only bad thing that happened in December was that two of my credit cards were stolen, but thankfully Chase noticed both of them quickly and cancelled my credit cards for me before anything too bad happened.

Also, both of our credit scores went up this past month. Wes has a credit score of 797 and mine is at 801. WOOHOO! I was almost positive that with all of the recent credit card reward signups that our credit scores would suffer at least a little bit. Not at all though!

December Goals Update

  1. Work out! PASS. Thanks to rock climbing, I have been doing well with working out. I have also been doing squats, lunges, and taking the dogs for walks as much as I can.

  2. Work ahead on MakingSenseofCents posts. PASS! I have been doing well with this, and it’s making me extremely happy. I am not super far ahead, but I am around 5 posts ahead. That is great for me!

  3. Successfully complete a 5.10c at the rock climbing gym. Mixed. I didn’t attempt one, but that is because we started lead climbing at the gym and you typically lead climb below your top roping climbing level because more effort is needed to lead climb. I did lead a 5.10a at the gym and I’m super happy. Sorry for all the technical terms.

  4. Stay on budget for the holidays. PASS. We stayed on budget for the holidays. It was probably our most frugal Christmas and New Year’s yet. We used credit card rewards for our holiday traveling and didn’t spend much on holiday gifts.

January Goals

  1. Work out! This is an easy goal now because of indoor rock climbing, but I like having it on here since I went months (maybe years) with this being a major FAIL.

  2. Work ahead on MakingSenseofCents posts. I am still working on this. After January is over, I would like to be one month ahead with my more beefier posts. Of course, some posts cannot be done ahead of time such as with my life update posts and my monthly income posts. Another goal that is related to this is that I would like to complete going through my old blog posts. I am trying to format and replace bad pictures on old posts.

  3. Successfully lead climb a 5.10b at the rock climbing gym. I’m taking baby steps here. Lead climbing still scares me a little because I’m not used to falling.

  4. Create a plan to get our house ready for sale. I’m not looking forward to this. The thought of selling our home just brings me so much stress. However, I did contact a realtor (it was the same realtor who helped us find our house) and will hopefully jumpstart this soon.

  5. Declutter. Before our house goes on the market, we have some major decluttering to do. My goal is to go through my closet and find things to sell and donate. My closet is a huge disaster zone right now so it needs to be done. We also need to go through everything in the basement, which is a HUGE disaster zone.

  6. Spend less than $100 eating out. I recently published the post Our Plan To Finally Cut Our Food Spending, and in it I discussed how we spend too much money on food each month. Our goal for this month is to spend less than $100 eating out, and so far we have been doing really well with this. Wish us luck!

What amazing things are going on in your life?

How did you do in December? What is your main goal for January?

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