Decorating My Home Office

We have four bedrooms in our house. We sleep in one, my sister rents another room from us, which leaves us with two rooms that are hardly ever used. I would really like a home office.

I plan on making the switch to self employment soon. Right now I just work from wherever: my bed, my dining room table, one of the couches, and so on. I would really like to have everything set up in a nice office in our house and be a tad more professional. I mean come on! I see so many cute home offices on Pinterest, and I know that I could transform one of the rooms to that.

I definitely want to decorate on the cheap. There are many places to check out for affordable decorations for a home office: such as,, and so on. I don’t want to spend a ton of money on my home office, and I would like at least some of it to be crafty that I can do myself.

I want my home office to be relaxing but still very nice looking. I want a Pinterest-looking home office!

Paint: I definitely want to paint. All of the bedrooms in our house are a mint green color, and I think I would like to change the color to a light peach color. I have also thought about white but I think that may be too plain for me. And I also don’t know if my decorating skills are good enough to make a white home office look good.

Desk: I need a desk! I don’t even have one. We have a huge one in the basement but I would like something more “cute” and that will fit the look that I am going for best. I have been looking at a lot of all white desks, and I also like steal or all wooden desks as well. I’m really up for anything!

Bookshelf: I also need a bookshelf. I need to be more organized with everything that I do and need to start creating binders. Right now everything is just a huge mess. I would like a white bookshelf with a wallpaper in the background.

Decorations: I would of course like many decorations. I would want new curtains to fit the room better and a way to bring as much sunlight in as I can. I would also like to raid Etsy and HushHush and look for a lot of cute artwork, but all for a great price of course.

Do you have a home office? Describe your home office if you have one 🙂

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