Do you bring your lunch to work?

I bring my lunch to work pretty much everyday. It saves a lot of money and I don’t have any close friends who work nearby, so why would I spend money to eat by myself? That wouldn’t be any fun.

However, my food choices usually are disgusting and boring. I might bring leftovers from the night before, or just bring a boring peanut butter and jelly sandwich, ham and cheese, or something boring and similar. Then I’ll bring a fruit (orange, grapes, apple) and chips. This gets SO BORING!

I never go all out and bring something fantastic. This mainly has to do with my laziness and the fact that I never wake up early enough to bring something better.

I’ve been seeing a lot of lunch inspirations on Pinterest that just look amazing! Don’t the pictures above look good? I think I’m going to make a goal for myself to make better lunches. I want to start bringing things that I would pay to eat at cafes such as good sandwiches, deserts and other pretty food items instead of the drab stuff that I usually bring.

Also, bringing my lunch to work saves a ton of money. Instead of going to BreadCo or some other lunch place and spending around $10 on lunch, I can make my food at home and spend probably $1 or $2. Do you bring lunch in order to save money? Or to be more healthy? 90% of the reason why I do it is so that I can save money, and this really shows in my food budget. I probably save a couple thousand a year by bringing my lunch everyday.

Do you bring your lunch to work? What do you usually bring? So many questions for you guys!

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