Do You Like Your Job?

I really like Question and Answer type posts where I can just talk and talk and talk, and then learn more about all of you as well.

Comment with your answers below! And if you would like me to answer a question of your own, you can always ask in the comments as well.

Do you like your job? If not, why are you still there?

I LOVE my job and I love what I do. In case any of you are new here (I’ve had a few emails in the past week asking about what I do) just a little summary of what I do: I have a business where I do a lot of online freelancing – you can read more about all of it here.

I blog, staff write, manage websites, manage social media, and more.

Is your Christmas tree still up?

The other day I was on Facebook and noticed that not just one but TWO people still had their trees up. What the heck? Mine was put away one or two days after New Year’s Day.

Also, do you still have lights on your house? If you do, WHY? I know it’s freezing outside but I feel like this cold weather is never going to end if your holiday lights never come off your house 🙂

Do you eat before you work out or after?

I eat before I work out. I don’t know how some of you work out right when you wake up without eating. I have tried it and I usually have to stop working out because I get so light-headed from not eating!

I usually eat and then wait around 30 minutes to work out.

I have two pets. We got our first dog around seven years ago when we first moved out. Her name is Sailor and she is a Boxer/Pitt Bull/Brittany mix who is a little over seven years old.

Our other dog is Mr. French (a runt French Bulldog) and we got him right when we moved into our house when we bought it in October of 2009. He is around 5 years old.

They are my fir-kids and I take way too many pictures of them.

I’m not exactly sure how much we spend on them each month. Food is probably around $50 a month. Treats and toys are probably $10 a month.

Do any of you send your dog to doggy day care? One of my friends brings her dog there a few times a week at $24 each day.

How much do you spend on food each month?

Right now, we are spending around $400 a month on food (this does not include entertainment – such as going out for drinks), which is a huge change from how much we used to spend. We used to eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Just the thought of that makes me sick because we were so unhealthy and wasted so much money. Now, I prefer to eat at home because it tastes so much better.

Are you going to FinCon?

I am! I went to New Orleans last Summer (the picture above is of a Hand Grenade that I bought while I was there). You can read my recap on New Orleans if you haven’t been there before.

I found an interesting post about FinCon yesterday that I think you should read – Should Debt Bloggers Go To FinCon? What do you think?

Do you have a side income?

I don’t anymore. I used to have a ton of extra income, but now it’s all a part of my wonderful business that I operate full-time. I would like to start some offline side income jobs, but I’m not sure since I don’t have a ton of free time for that right now.

Your turn!


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