Do Your Taxes Easily With This Year

It’s that time of year again!

Yes, it’s time to start thinking about filing your taxes, because they are due in April, which is getting closer and closer each day.

Taxes are something that the average person does not look forward to, but there are ways to make completing your taxes a little easier.

If you haven’t thought about how you are going to do your taxes yet, I recommend you start as soon as you can.

A great website where you can complete your taxes on your own is

By doing your taxes on your own, such as through, you can be more familiar with your tax situation and you can also save yourself money as well.

I know way too many people who overpay for their simple tax situation when I know they have the capability to do it themselves, such as online.

Plus, you can estimate your tax refund with their free online refund calculator! Also, 1040-EZ returns are FREE!

Who is and why should you do your taxes through them? is a website where you can complete your taxes online yourself. And, it’s easy!

This website has an interview which guides you through filing your taxes and e-filing your completed tax return to the IRS. You can also choose to file your state return at the same time you file your federal return. Federal data transfers to your state return automatically, which keeps it simple and saves you time on your state tax return.

I’ve filed my tax return online every single year since I was 18 (before that my father just filed them for me) and I have never once had a problem. Last year was my first year where I had a CPA file my taxes, but that’s only because they became more complicated due to my business tax setup, traveling full-time, and so on. However, the average tax return is simple, so you may want to think about doing this yourself!

If you have an easy tax situation, then you may be able to save some money by filing your taxes yourself. There is one company that I definitely recommend you look further into if you want to file your taxes yourself and online, and that is

Also, there’s another benefit of using over other tax preparation online companies. One great thing that stands out about compared to other DIY online tax companies is that they have partnered with Healing Waters so that they can help bring clean water to thousands of people in the developing world.

Water is something that we take advantage of here in the United States, but there are people in many other countries who aren’t as lucky. is going to give $2 to Healing Waters for every tax return filed through their site. Even if someone files a free simple return, they’re still going to donate $2 to Healing Waters for that return. That can help so many people and is one big plus for using for your DIY tax returns this year.

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Will you be doing your taxes online this year? Why or why not?


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