Extra Income Idea: I’m a Creative Web Entrepreneur

I’ve been on the web for 7+ years now, and I stand here as a battled tested graphic designer/ creative web entrepreneur. My journey has been a long one filled with curve balls, trials, and tears. My website is www.hifiverr.info. You can find my eBook here.

I’m Dion, a level two (and growing) graphic designer with on the hottest startups this side of heaven, fiverr.com.

I know you have questions as many people are generally curious about earning an income with fiverr, and it so happens that I have a story to share. (In my best Nicolas Cage voice) I’m not going to lie to you, I’m just going to tell you what happened.

How did you get started with your side hustle?

I started with fiverr in 2009 shortly after my daughter was born. I started to consider the whole “work at home” ordeal, because those pictures of some 20 something year old sitting in front of a backdrop of a mansion and luxury sports car started to become more desirable, because my 9-5 at fed ex kinko’s was only just enough for my family.

What got you interested in this job?

I worked at fed ex kinko’s for 3.5 years and while there I designed for strictly printing purposes. Working there was like an internship for me, because all I did for ~4 years was design, print and gain a holistic understanding of the printing industry. It was there that I learned how some companies are strictly web-based, and this was highly intriguing to me.

Tell me more about your services.

I design virtually any product you need for your business or venture starting at five dollars. Logo’s, headers, banners, icons, profile images, book covers, flyers and much more! Being a fiverr seller has provided me a glimpse into what’s possible because of the web. I now sell themes, icon sets, ebooks, and tutorials in addition to my graphic and web design services.

What sets you apart from your competition?

There are tons of talented designer’s on the web and at fiverr, but my instinct sets me apart from my competition. I design based on what I’ve personally experienced regarding a particular niche or product. This almost always results in my design, customer service and delivery being amongst the most unique that a client has ever experienced.

What has surprised you most about owning a business?

Life is described as a “roller coaster ride”, and as an entrepreneur/business owner, you’re doubling down on this concept because some day’s you feel empowered, optimistic and invisible, while others you feel uncertain, fearful and anxious. How obsessed with success I’ve become is also a huge shock to me because I was bit of a misguided kid with little direction, and low expectations, but now all I think of is getting to the next level and making my daughter proud.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a small business owner?

If you’re to reach the heights that you envision you must keep learning and keep believing. Believing “it can happen” may be 3/4 of the battle! I’m not where I ultimately want to be, but I’ve come a long way. Learn to appreciate the journey, because the days where I’m feeling invincible and over the moon about my vision, I wonder if when I get to the “place of success” that’s in my mind, will I feel any better?

What are the start-up costs?

The biggest cost associated to my (and mostly any online) niche is opportunity cost or time learning and researching as opposed to strictly earning. Designing is how I spend only a fraction of my time as researching and learning about opportunities takes up what’s left. I’m devising a strategy and scalable business model, and that requires time sacrifice.

What’s the most positive thing about your side job?

How much I’ve learned about myself along this journey. I’m more knowledgable than I give myself credit for, and I’ve become a viable resource in my circle for all things entrepreneur, because the web (apparently) still poses an intimidating element to even the most optimistic (non web) business owners as there are many misconceptions of what you need to posses in order to have success online.

What are your business goals for the upcoming year?

Its taken me ~4 years to hone in on what I want in an online business. I want to rid my plan of the clutter and distractions so that I have a point-blank focus, business model, and brand that can be scaled to the heights I envision.

Have you ever thought about offering services on Fiverr? Why or why not?

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