Extra Income Series: I Run a Resume Business

Here is a small blurb from her resume business website:

“They say finding a job is all about “who you know”. While that is definitely an advantage, I like to think we have more control than that!

My resume templates have even landed multiple jobs directly from mass-resume websites like Careerbuilder.

I take a personal approach with each client to get to know their skills and personality better via phone, e-mail and/or Skype.

Although I have strong professional templates, you will not find cookie-cutter products here! Each person and each job is different and I reflect that with each resume, cover letter and thank you card.”

How did you get started with Resumes By Katie?

I was recently engaged and had a big wedding to pay for, in addition to a mountain of student loan debt.

I used to be a seasonal resume reviewer so I thought combining that experience with my journalism and marketing career would make a resume business a great freelance job.

There was a hole in the market for affordable prices so I jumped right in!

What got you interested in this job?

I was very worried I wouldn’t be able to make ends meet without extra income.

Being able to use the skills from both my schooling and career experience, in addition to being able to really help people seemed like a win-win.

The flexibility to work from anywhere at anytime makes it a great fit for a schedule that already juggles a few jobs.

Tell me more about your services.

I build or revise resumes, cover letters, and professional thank-you notes. Additionally, I can build or revise your LinkedIn profile. Each of these services comes with a 30-minute consultation, done in person, by phone, e-mail, or Skype.

Each client leaves with both a PDF and doc version of the final copies so they are prepared to start applying to jobs right away.

How do you help improve resumes?

I start with the format to make it clear and easy to read. After all, employers only spend 6 seconds per resume!

Then I hold a session with my client to see if there are any additional skills or experience that could be relevant. Lastly, I sculpt the resume to align well with applicable job descriptions.

What sets you apart from other professional resume writers?

My price point. I would never pay an arm and a leg for someone to write my resume and I never expect my customers to either.

I understand that the point of a successful resume is to earn money so Resumes By Katie is a great resource for the frugal or price cautious.

Affordable pricing does not mean poor service though. I keep it very personal and customized. Loving this job makes it easy to provide excellent service.

What has surprised you most about owning a business?

Being a business owner is a lot more than just offering a service – you also have to be an accountant, marketing specialist, an HTML expert, and HR manager at minimum.

I was surprised and humbled by how much I had to learn outside of the skills needed to make quality resumes and cover letters. If you’re not willing or able to learn, be ready to pay the money for experts to help you!

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a small business owner?

Don’t run before you can walk. Technology makes starting a business pretty easy and it’s exciting to go viral and become an overnight success.

However, if you bite off more than you can chew, your service will suffer and your business will quickly drown. I was able set up a website and establish my business model in one weekend but I have slowly allowed it to expand in the past year and I’m thankful I haven’t rushed it.

Work hard and let your business develop naturally. Growing a business can be slow so be patient and enjoy the successes as you continue to grow.

What are the start-up costs?

Building a business online can be really inexpensive! Typically, you already have an Internet connection and a phone. Initially I bought my domain name, did my own website design, and got started in less than $20.

Since I am not incredibly savvy in HTML, I eventually hired help to move to self-hosting and create a professional website design that cost just over $300 total.

I have purchased business cards and occasionally I spend money on marketing and advertising. I try to keep these costs low, so I can keep my prices low.

The most useful purchase I’ve made was the Ring It Up app for $30 that allows me to track my expenses and transactions. This certainly comes in handy as I manage the accounting side of the business.

What’s the most positive thing about your side job?

Finding the best accomplishments and skills from each of my clients is so rewarding.

A lot of times people don’t realize how capable they are and they sell themselves short on their resume and cover letter.

Being able to boost their confidence and send them away with strong potential for new and exciting job opportunities is really fun. Hearing that a client was able to get a great new job after using my services is the best part of the whole job!

What are your business goals for the upcoming year?

I would love to grow my business enough to create an internship program. That way college kids get wonderful experience and I can learn to delegate!

Do you make extra income? What do you do?

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