Extra Monthly Income Update

I’m doing an update on the extra monthly income that I talked about in How I plan on increasing my income and therefore my saving and also here.

Back in August and again in October, me and the BF were trying to find ways to add around an extra $1,000 to our monthly income, so that we can pay down our debt faster. Here are the steps that we were talking about doing.

1. “Do more secret shops.” I don’t really do these too much anymore, but I am still making around $150 a month. Since I’ve been doing this for a couple of months, I am now able to do easier and better cash making assignments. I’ve gotten tons of free Estee Lauder stuff lately! 2. “Continuing with my online surveys.” I still don’t do this a ton. I really only do this so that I can be on a research panel. The other day I had cash mailed in an envelope, and that was nice! I make probably around $20-$30 a month from this but I also get lots of free stuff. 3. “We have a friend moving in with us.” I don’t think this person is moving in anymore. She hasn’t talked about it in forever. Me and the BF aren’t upset though at all because we like having our space. We could lean either way though, oh well. We’re still happy. 4. “Also, hopefully I can convince the BF to get a second part-time job.” He’s been getting more hours recently because of the holiday season and will be making around $500 extra a week until around mid-January. This is nice! And he also gets a raise in January and again in June, so that is nice also. 5. “And then I plan on maybe getting a side job also.” Hahahah I bet you guys are all laughing at this. I still haven’t put any effort whatsoever in this. Maybe one day I will try. 6. I’ve also slowed down with earning Swagbucks but I’m still making a decent amount. Of course this doesn’t count towards income but it’s nice to buy things for free on Amazon. Check out my other easy ways to make money.

So, for the month of and December we will have about $2,500 in extra income but along with my Christmas bonus and the fact that I get paid 3 times in December and the BF gets paid 5 times in December, we will definitely be waaaay over this $2,500 amount. If only December was EVERY month 🙂

In normal months though, we will only be making around $500 extra a month. That is until this summer when I get a raise and all of my designations from my ASA and MBA.

What have you been doing to make extra income?

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