FAFSA Tips So That You Can Get The Most Financial Help For College

FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is a form that is filled out by college students or those who are about to enter college to see if they qualify for any financial aid.

After you fill out a FAFSA form and if you qualify for student financial aid, you may be rewarded with a Pell Grant, a Stafford Loan, a Federal Perkins Loan, or a work-study program.

These different “awards” can allow a college student to go to college more affordably, by being given a grant or a low-interest student loan.


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Now, you’re probably wondering what you can do so that you can get the most out of FAFSA so that you can go to college as affordably as you can.

From researching online as well as having to fill out FAFSA on my own in years past, I learned a lot about FAFSA tips and mistakes that soon-to-be and current college students often make.

Below are the FAFSA tips you need to know:

  1. To fill out your FAFSA, you should go to Fafsa.ed.gov to fill out your FAFSA.

  2. Many make the mistake of not filing their FAFSA at all. You don’t automatically receive FAFSA awards, so you NEED to fill out this form in order to qualify for anything. Plus, you need to fill it out every single year as well. It’s not a one and done type of form. Please, remember to do this each year- even if that means making a note on your phone calendar for the next several years so that you don’t forget.

  3. Many don’t file their FAFSA on time. Yes, there is a deadline. You should make note of the deadline and try to submit your FAFSA way before the deadline.

  4. Students are able to file a 2017-2018 FAFSA as early as Oct. 1, 2016. This is a recent change, but even though you have more time, it doesn’t mean that you should put it off. Please still file your FAFSA as soon as possible! This is because some financial aid is given on a first-come first served basis.

  5. You don’t have to apply for admission to a school before you list it on your FAFSA. So, this means that you can fill out your FAFSA now and decide on a specific college or university later.

  6. Collect the documents that you need to fill out your FAFSA form. To fill out your FAFSA, you will need your social security number, federal income tax returns, W2s, and asset information.

  7. Don’t make errors on FAFSA forms. Make sure everything is correct on your FAFSA form. Double, triple, or even quadruple check your name, address, social security number, tax information, and more. Errors can lead to delays in receiving financial aid!

  8. Make sure you contact your financial aid office at the college or university to see if there are any other forms you should fill out with your FAFSA.

There are also many other mistakes that students make. The following is sponsored by College Ave Student Loans. Check out the post 10 Common FAFSA Errors to Avoid for more information. Another great article on that site that I recommend is File the FAFSA to Get More Money in College.

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Do you have student loans? What do you wish you knew before you took on college costs? What other FAFSA tips do you have to share?

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