Fashion on a Budget

As many of you know, I love clothes. I have been following a great website for quite some time. J’s Everyday Fashion is wonderful! Here is a quote from her website.

“J’s Everyday Fashion is not a personal style blog. You can think of it as a how-to fashion magazine with a personal twist – J uses items from her own closet to illustrate different styling tips or try out new trends to see if they work for the everyday woman! At its core, J’s Everyday Fashion was created to inspire women to have fun with fashion and to address the serious lack of practical style advice in America. Most people can’t afford a personal stylist, and fashion magazines and blogs are full of fantasy fashion that is too expensive and not obtainable for 99% of women.
  1. How to make your budget stretch, with shopping and budgeting tips.

  2. How to use what you already have, with styling features such as the same item worn 10 different ways.

  3. How to achieve the looks you see on celebrities, with outfit posts that show the transformation from inspiration photo to real life.

  4. How to find your own personal style, with outfit posts covering a range of styles, age groups and occasions.”

She always has great ways to transform clothing items and how to wear them differently.

I also love Really Petite. I am not considered “really petite”. I am 5’3″ and I have size 7 shoes, so I am probably considered humongous to the girls on that site, since most of them are under 5’0″ and have size 4-5 feet! I do love the site though because she puts great work outfits together, and these outfits help me when I’m out at the store looking for clothes.

Note: I was not paid to write this post, I just wanted to share my love of these two sites with you guys.

What are your favorite fashion blogs? How do you shop on a budget?

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