February Goals Update, New March Goals And Colorado Pictures

February was another great and crazy month for us. We moved to Colorado, we put our house on the market, and it was a great month for business.

Our new home looks great and it’s already starting to feel like a real home. It is a great feeling knowing that pretty much everything is done and now we can just start enjoying our new state.

Also, as I said earlier, our old house is on the market. We decided to list it for now and see what happens. If it doesn’t sell, then we plan renting it out until our neighborhood rebounds from the tanking that it has experienced lately.

We’ve had two showings so far, so I’m not sure what to think. I realize that it’s only been a little over a week so I guess we will see. Please wish us luck!

Our move to Colorado.

Our move to Colorado went well. The process was smooth and we are completely unpacked. Well, we left many things in boxes but they are all items that we don’t plan on unpacking until we find our forever home (such as photo albums).

It was nice just having to drive our cars and letting the moving company handle driving the truck. The weather was actually horrible the whole way through Colorado, with tons of snow and bad driving conditions. I honestly cannot imagine driving a moving truck through that, especially with the bumper to bumper traffic in the snowy mountains that we were stuck in for about 5 hours just trying to get from Denver to Vail (and we live in Fruita, so we still had much more to go).

Our experience with UPack was great. I know many of you asked me to update you on our move since you many of you were also possibly interested in using UPack.

From the person who dropped off our trailer at our home in Missouri, to when our moving trailer was picked up in Fruita after we were done unloading it, everyone was amazing. The supervisor for the hub here in Colorado even came to our house on his own time to greet us when the moving truck arrived! Everyone that I spoke with on the phone was wonderful, and I can honestly say it was the best customer service I believe I have ever received.

Everything went very smoothly and I highly recommend their service. We will definitely be using them for our future moves.

February Goals Update

  1. Work out! Okay. I’m not sure whether this was a pass or fail. With all of the moving, I definitely got some workouts in that mainly included packing, unpacking, and moving boxes. That counts, right? We also did a somewhat hard canyon hike at Colorado National Monument, a short hike at the North Fruita Desert, and some rock climbing. I wasn’t consistent last month though, so that’s why I’m not saying it was a PASS.

  2. Work ahead on MakingSenseofCents posts. FAIL. I did quite bad with this goal in February. I am back to where I normally am (just a few days ahead) due to moving and putting our house on the market.

  3. Finish preparing our house for sale. PASS. Our house is on the market!

  4. Move away. PASS. We live in Fruita, Colorado now! We have had some locals ask us why we moved here and most of them think we are crazy, so I’m hoping that’s not a bad sign.

  1. Work out! We already signed up for a rock climbing gym membership in Grand Junction and we are excited about it. It has the tallest climbing walls in all of Colorado and tons of pros climb here. It’s a little intimidating though as everyone seems to be really good. We also plan on doing a few hikes each week as well, so I think reaching our work out goals each month will be easy.

  2. Work ahead on Making Sense of Cents posts. Since I failed at this last month, one of my major goals this month is to get ahead. This month, I would like to get 2 to 3 weeks ahead with my beefier posts.

  3. Finish our taxes. I haven’t started our taxes yet. For the most part, everything is organized though so it shouldn’t take too long to do.

  4. Find health insurance. Nope, I haven’t done this yet. Our old health insurance plan is only valid in Missouri, so we need to find something here since we obviously cannot travel all the way to Missouri if something were to go wrong.

  5. Make required home inspection changes to our house. Our old house in Missouri requires a city inspection before it can be sold and we had that completed last month. Our house didn’t pass for some small things that I guess the first home inspector didn’t catch when we bought our house in 2009 (because I know we didn’t change the items that failed). The things are all small, such as unused circuit breakers need to be labeled as “unused,” in the laundry room we have an overhanging light that has an outlet placed on it (that’s not allowed), and the smoke detector in the garage needs to be removed because it’s not needed. The things are small and seem a little ridiculous to me, but it needs to be done so we need to have someone go out to our house and make the changes.

What great things are going on in your life? How did you do in February? What is your main goal for March?

Below are pictures (all from my phone, sorry) from our new town that I took last month.

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