Five Ways Finn by Chase Makes Banking Smarter

This following is a sponsored post by Chase.

Smartphones have changed almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives, and banking is no exception. Hectic schedules keep us running between work, school, social obligations and everything in between. Who has time to fit in a trip to the bank in between all of this? Chase has taken note and is revolutionizing the ease of banking for non-stop millennials with its new mobile bank, Finn. Let’s chat about the five ways Finn is making banking smarter:

See Everything in One Place

  1. From opening an account to depositing checks or paying bills, you don’t have to step foot inside a bank. The mobile bank lets you visualize where money is spent, which makes it much easier to understand how you can cut back. It’s your finances, all-in-one place.

Buy More That Makes You Happy

  1. Finn helps you understand how you spend. You can rate your purchases with likes, frowns and even angry face emoticons depending on how they make you feel. This allows you to visualize expenses and motivations behind each purchase, so you can decide if that $50 eyeshadow palette was really worth it.

Make Saving Automatic

  1. Have you ever wanted to start saving money, but find it hard to motivate yourself? With Autosave from Finn, you can create a savings plan that fits your lifestyle, like setting aside $20 every pay period or $2 every time you buy a coffee. You won’t have to think about saving! Plus you’ll finally be able to take that trip to Hawaii you’ve always dreaming about without draining your bank account.

Create Realistic Budgets you’ll Actually Follow

  1. A simple tap lets you easily create a budget based on your spending patterns. Buying too much coffee? Cut back by one coffee a week and see how much you’ll save. By cutting back on that one purchase, you’ll be surprised at how much your savings will grow!

The Right Tool that Fits Your Lifestyle

It’s free and easy to get started with Finn and help is available if you should ever need it! Also, with the Zelle feature, you can send friends money quickly and easily to make dividing up those dinner checks easier then ever. Spend time doing what you love with Finn, the bank that fits your lifestyle.

St. Louis residents can score a $50 sign-up bonus (valid until Jan. 31, 2018) when they open an account. There are no monthly fees and your debit card can be used at more than 29,000 ATMs at no cost to you.

Banking is now seamless, and totally mobile, with Finn right at your fingertips. If you are in STL, what are you waiting for?

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