Food and Spending Updates 12/27/2011

Made this last week, I don’t think I posted this yet

It snowed today! I hate snow though. The roads weren’t bad at all, and the snow looks pretty, so I guess that’s all right. And my spending hasn’t been too horribly bad this past week. We have ate out a lot though. Here’s my updates:

Food: I didn’t cook a lot last week. Just barely. My camera is dead (but I’m finally charging it today) so I can’t post any new pictures. I was too sick last week and had too much Christmas shopping, and I had no time to go food shopping. I went shopping yesterday though (spent $46) and I am good again on food. Definitely went to McDonalds and bought way too many Strawberry Banana Smoothies this week. Me and the BF are addicted.

Shopping: I still have two more Christmas dinner/parties next week, and I still haven’t finished present shopping for those. One dinner/party is at our house and it’s a big one. We don’t know what we’re cooking and have lots of presents to buy, but it’ll be cheap still. Guessing around $100 for the rest.

We definitely came in under our Christmas budget, and we are both extremely happy about this! We did spend a lot though. The BF got 2 guns for Christmas, so that was definitely expensive, but it tied in as a birthday present also.

I need (ok I want) sparkly shoes to go with my NYE dress, so hopefully that will be the last clothing related item that I buy this year.I’m trying to hold out though. I found this on Pinterest and I’m thinking about maybe making my NYE shoes because I think these are really cute and I already have everything:

$100 Ticket: Guess I’m paying this.

Vacation planning: I’ve been thinking about this a ton. Still not sure where we are going in March. Definitely a beach vacation since I hate cold weather. We will have to start thinking of how much we want to spend soon.

How has your spending been?

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