Food spending and our weekend

We did really good with spending over the weekend. We decided to have a kind of quiet weekend. On Friday night we worked out with a couple of the BF’s friends and afterwards we went out and drank (but only spent $15) and then went over to someone’s house and hung out after the bars closed (I’m assuming this is why I slept for so long the next day).

We got Mexican food the other day like I said in my other blog post and I think that’s all we spent on food this weekend. We made hamburgers last night (delicious, but not the same as how my BF makes them. Mine always turn out funny).

Our food budget has been good so far this month. The BF said that other day that he can’t stand getting fast food anymore or going out to eat because the food doesn’t taste as good as I make. It’s either my cooking skills have greatly improved, or he wants a new expensive toy (I’m going to go with my cooking skills are getting better).

And then on Saturday we just hung out at a friends house while they had other people over also. It was fun just relaxing!

Then after that, we went to the movie store and rented Horrible Bosses and Gladiator. Somehow I have never seen either of those movies. They were both good! I love Jennifer Aniston, but I think the movie could’ve been a little better.

Oh yeah, and I did not start making that wreath that I was talking about the other day, I plan on starting it sometime this week (hopefully!).

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How was your weekend?


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