Frugal Things I’ve Done Recently

No matter what your income is, I always think it’s a good idea to eliminate any ways you may be being wasteful.

There’s really no need to be wasting money if you don’t even value it. Why spend money just to spend?

Below are several things I’ve done recently so that I can continue living frugally. They are all fairly small, but they all count!

I may turn this into a monthly series. I think jotting down ways to live frugally can be a great way to look back and remember past actions, plus I enjoy reading comments about how others are currently saving money!

1. I meal prepped.

Meal prepping is a great way to start living frugally, especially if you have a problem with food spending (like we do).

We had to come home earlier this week to get some warranty work done on our RV and you better believe I took full advantage of our kitchen inside our home! While RV cooking is similar to cooking at home, our RV kitchen is much smaller so there is less room to cook, less stove space, and more.

I was able to save money by meal prepping some meals for both the RV and for while we are at home waiting on our RV to be fixed. One of the meals I prepped was chicken fried rice, which I’ve been missing since being in the RV. It made around 6 meals and they were all tasty!

2. We stocked up on groceries.

One thing we’ve noticed since being on the road is that grocery stores near national parks and other touristy areas are much more expensive. While this is probably a given, it’s something we did not think about before we left.

Instead, we were stocking up as we drove, which led to a lot of money being wasted. In fact, the other day I needed to cook and bought a few items for twice (and sometimes even three times!) what they would normally cost at the store. UGH!

When we were at home the other day, we went to our local grocery store and stocked up on items such as granola, dried fruit, cereal, noodles, canned goods, and more.

3. We RV camped for free.

Being in the RV has been great so far. We’ve already been to Black Canyon of The Gunnison National Park, Dinosaur National Monument, Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, numerous national forests, and more.

Despite all of the traveling, we are actually spending less money than ever. Plus, we are camping for free about half of the time on BLM land and in national forests. Camping for free is THE BEST – the views are great, being secluded is awesome, and surprisingly I’ve had the best internet when we’ve been free camping as well.

4. We used coupons.

We’ve received a lot of coupons in the mail lately for completely free products. They weren’t for the healthiest items, but we are human and eat unhealthy sometimes. Plus, free is good and I can’t say no to that.

Some coupons we received include coupons for free Hot Pockets, free McDonald’s, and $1 off dog food. No, I won’t become rich but saving money and living frugally are always good in my mind!

5. We attempted to pick up change off the ground.

Ha, yes, I said attempted! The other day we were walking and Wes noticed a quarter on the ground.

He tried to pick it up, but it was actually glued to the ground. It was obviously a trick by the store that the quarter was placed in front of. I’m sure everyone had a laugh while Wes was trying to pick up a glued quarter!

What frugal things have you done recently? How are you living frugally? Share below!


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