Goals and Extra Monthly Income Update

I hope everyone’s having a great week so far. Seems to be going by relatively fast. Before we know it, I’ll be on vacation! Whooo hooo! Technically, my February goals update is a day early, but I doubt anything will happen today which will absolutely terribly wreck it.

Overall February was a good month, but we spent A LOT of money on food. We definitely need to watch our food spending. March probably won’t be any better since we’re going on vacation, but we have all of that budgeted.

You can find my February goals list here, and my 2012 goals update here.

February Goals Update

  1. Save an extra $10 a day for my DSLR fund. PASS. But I haven’t been keeping too well of track of this amount.

  2. Reassess our budget and cut out $25. PASS. We didn’t cut out too much, but with the mild weather and the fact that I was able to elminate the $6 satellite insurance, I’m sure we greatly surpassed the $25 goal.

  3. Start and finish homework before it’s due. PASS. I’ve been doing pretty well with this.

  4. Post about my side income. PASS. See here. I received a lot of feedback on this from all of you. Lots of emails, if you have any more questions, just let me know!

  5. Workout at least 2 times a week. FAIL. I think I’ve only worked out ONCE this whole new year so far.

  6. Sell my stuff on eBay. FAIL. I think I’m just going to bring the rest of my stuff to a local consignment shop. I’m honestly just too lazy to list everything on eBay.

  7. Make an extra $500 this month. FAIL, but I’m still happy. I didn’t make a ton this month. I made around $400. I would’ve surpassed this $500, but I accidentally forgot to do 2 sponsored posts which would’ve made me an extra $120. I thought the expiration was longer, but it wasn’t. My survey income would’ve been bigger, but I was feeling lazy as well. See below for my income breakout.

  8. Watch our spending this month. EHHH. We’ve been watching our spending very closely, but with the costs of the new (old) Jeep, our spending definitely increased.

  9. FINISH MY CLOSET. FAIL. Haven’t worked on it at all. I think we built one bookshelf for my shoes, and that’s it.

March Goals

  1. Finally pay off my car. I’ve had this cash just sitting in my checking account. Not sure why. I’ve just been lazy, but laziness is costing me money. I need to do this immediately.

  2. Save an extra $10 a day. I want to keep saving for this. I’m not sure if I’ll be buying a camera anytime soon though.

  3. Reassess our budget and cut out $25. This is on my goals pretty much every month. There’s always something that we can cut. I’m going to try and bundle some of our bills to see if we can get a discount.

  4. Start and finish homework before it’s due. Midterms are this month and before you know it, it’ll be finals in the first week of May. Need to start studying!

  5. Workout at least 3 times a week. I upped this, yes I know that’s probably not good. My working out has been a mega fail obviously.

  6. Sell my stuff to a consignment shop. My closet is still super packed and I can get rid of a lot. I’m too lazy to sell it online.

  7. Take a picture of my insane closet for you all. Once you see the picture, you will want to come over and help me clean it.

  8. Make an extra $500 this month. I didn’t pass my goal in February, but I’m hoping to this month. My Alexa score is gradually going down and sometimes I wish I wouldn’t have bought my own domain recently (so that my score wouldn’t have reset), but it’s going down pretty fast. This should help me get more advertising offers.

  9. Move shoes to my new closet. Obviously I need to start making smaller goals.

  10. Don’t spend any more money on clothes than what I sell. So if I sell $200, then I would like to buy less than that. Very attainable.

  11. Get my front windshield fixed. I’ve been putting this off for over a year. But, now my inspection so that I can renew my plates is in April, so I need to get this done.

  12. Have loads of fun while on vacation!

Extra Monthly Income

  1. Ad link on my blog -$103

  2. Sponsored posts -$60

  3. Surveys -$18

  4. Mystery Shopping -$200

So I actually made around $381 extra last month!

How’d you do in February? Any extra income?

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