Good Bad UGLY

This post is courtesy of Misty over at Digging out from our Mess.


  1. Spent around $250 last month on groceries!

  2. Gas prices are about $0.50 less right now. I drive a lot, so that’s around $50 a month!

  3. Still doing good in school (A’s in all my classes!)

  4. Still loving my job of course, I’m greatly thankful for everything.

  5. Eating dinner every night has been great. I found out that I actually love to cook and try cooking new things.

  6. I won my first blog giveaway at The New Diplomat’s Wife. Yay!

  7. By the way I’ve entered another more, check out 90 Percent Blonde! Also check out Places I Will Go. She’s reached 50 members and is having a giveaway! Check out Don’t read this it’s Boring also!


  1. Need to get new stickers for the license plates on the truck. That will be around $85, not including the amount needed for the inspection. The total will most likely be around $120, and we hardly ever drive this truck, so this amount stinks. Still haven’t done this yet uggghhh.

  2. I signed up for a day to volunteer at the food pantry next week, but I forgot that I already made plans to do something else. I feel horrible cancelling. Should I feel horrible? Because I do.

  3. Our drinking on the weekends is starting to get too expensive for us, but I really don’t want to take that out of the budget, what to do, what to do…

The Ugly:

  1. My dogs still need to go to the vet and get shots.

  2. Mid-terms are all coming up.

  3. I have around $2,400 in bills due TODAY (read my blog post about how all of my bills are due on the same day). This will significantly reduce our cash flow until the end of the month.

What’s going on in your life?


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