Habits to Kick in Your 20s

Hey everyone! I’m still in Vegas, short post today.

Awhile back, I made a post talking about habits to kick in your 20s. I’ve been thinking about these a lot lately, because some of these I am still extremely guilty for doing, and I’ve been feeling even more guilty.

Of course the things that I’m guilty enough are not only the things on this list. I should be dedicating more time to myself (such as doing pilates or yoga), spending time with family, and not stressing about every little thing as to where it eats me alive.

1. Tanning. GUILTY I have been NOT guilty for quite some time, but for around the past 2 weeks I have been tanning again. Not a lot, I’ve only gone twice. I’ve just been feeling extremely sickly looking.

This is something that I definitely need to stop. I’m making a promise to myself to not tan again. If I’m feeling pale, or unhappy with the way I look, I will start to use brightening lotion.

2. Having credit cards with high limits but not making enough money. NOT GUILTY I’m still not guilty of this. We do have more credit cards then when I last made this post though. I think then, we only had 1, whereas now we have 3 between the 2 of us. I do find that we have been spending a little more than usual, which is why we started to use more cash.

3. Smoking. NOT GUILTY I still do not smoke of course. The boy has been slowly stopping as well. This is good for multiple reasons: his health, and we’ve also been saving on the cost of cigarettes. He was spending over $20 a week on cigarettes, which definitely adds up quickly!

4. Shopping. GUILTY While I haven’t been spending a lot lately, I also haven’t been buying quality items. I’m still going to Forever21 and other stores. Soon, I need to buy some more clothing for work (I’m tired of wearing the same things all the time), and I would like to buy better quality items for that.

5. Expensive drinking. EHHHH If I don’t go out, then I don’t spend anything of course, but if I go out, then it’s a whole different story. Hopefully Vegas doesn’t kill this habit 🙂 But of course I’m going to guess that I will be spending a lot on this area.

6. Depending on your significant other. NOT GUILTY We definitely are not dependent on each other. Yes, I still need to show him multiple things. I don’t think he has any account numbers memorized, neither has he ever really paid any of the bills himself. This is something that I’ve always done. However, if something were to happen to me, I have no clue what he would do.

7. Not having a budget. EHHH Yes, we do have a budget, but we haven’t tracked any of the categories in forever. We should be doing this. We are still making more than we spend, but I would like to see where everything is coming in and how we’re actually doing.

What habits are you working on?

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