Handmade Map Pendant GIVEAWAY

I have a great giveaway today from Chellas Collection. There are great items offered at this Etsy shop which have really cute personal touches. I don’t know about you all, but I love maps being displayed in different manners, such as in pendants.

The map I selected is below (of Copenhagen) and you can choose anywhere that your heart desires. Maybe you want your hometown, the place where you and your significant other met, your favorite place, or somewhere else.

She doesn’t use any glass or resin kit inserts for covering the maps inside the pendants. She only uses professional industrial strength liquid resin, which she pours individually for each pendant. This means that everything is truly handmade by her.

This Etsy shop does both custom and has ready-made items, so the options are unlimited. She uses maps that she has and does not print them off the internet or use Photoshop, this just adds a nice little custom touch to everything, and makes it all look awesome.

Here’s a quote directly from her Etsy shop:

“My handmade Map Pendants are meant to symbolize special places that bring you fond memories. I have an ever expanding personal collection of original maps and atlases(many vintage)that I have gathered for years from tag sales and estate sales. Name your City! I also do alot of Baseball/Football Stadiums, Universities, and Military facilities(keep in mind, they must be on a printed map and not all are…….). Typically I can offer you two or three map choices of the city you’re looking for.”

I LOVE everything that she offers, and it’s all super cute. I ended up choosing the Copenhagen pendant.

I chose this for one reason mainly. My father was Danish and would always talk about Copenhagen. Like ALL THE TIME. Just talking about it made him happy, so when I saw the Copenhagen pendant, I knew that it would be perfect for me. Just one more thing to remind myself of him.


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