Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Enjoy your day!

I have work of course, since I am an adult :), and then I’m going to the boy’s family Halloween party. It will be fun! Lots of good food and wonderful people.

To make this post a little about the financial things of Halloween, tell me how much you spent on Halloween candy, costumes or anything else Halloween related this Halloween. I’m always interested to see what others spend on certain holidays.

Also, I am arranging to have a group giveaway for an iPad Mini and some other prizes. The giveaway would be posted on everyone’s blogs who participate so that everyone can gain extra followers from many different reader groups. If you have any questions (such as what the minimum donation amount would be) or would like to take part in this, please send me an e-mail at senseofcents@gmail.com! Thanks so much. Paypal cash (to go towards the iPad Mini), e-books and gift cards would all definitely be appreciated.


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