Happy Sunday and most likely Hawaii for our Vacation

Hey everyone! Sundays are always a sad day, the end of the weekend. Anyways, I have so much to do today.

My disgusting list:

  1. Studying for my mid-term that I have tomorrow.

  2. Watch an hour long lecture since we missed classed last week.

  3. Homework, homework, homework.

  4. Study for my HR mid-term.

  5. Clean the house.

  6. Go through my closet again.

  7. Work on my beach bod (HA!)

  8. And then of course go to sleep for work the next day.

We also have to decide where we’re going on vacation for sure. We’re still thinking Hawaii, but not sure which island. And we’ve heard that there have been flash floods lately, and we definitely don’t want to go if it’ll be raining. What does everyone think?

Anyone live in Hawaii? We’re going on either the 24th of 25th of March, let me know what we should do!

Have a good day!

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