Have you ever thought about giving up your TV?

A TV is something that is “needed” to most people. I am one of those people. I don’t know what I’d do without a TV and being able to watch my shows instantly.

I know a lot of you would say that I could just watch my shows on my laptop for free and/or extremely cheap, but to tell you the truth, I honestly hate watching stuff on my laptop. I just don’t get the same joy out of it. I’m not sure why, but I just don’t. I’d rather watch my shows on my tv. Is anyone else like this?

Then as I was attempting to Black Friday shop (which was pretty much a failure, more on that later), I noticed so many people with a ton of TVs in their carts. Some lady had 9 TVs. I realize that, yes, some of these people are just buying these in order to resell them and make a profit, but really NINE? 9 TVs? Is that really needed?

And then I came across The Everyday Minimalist and saw her post on why she doesn’t have a tv. Her reasons consist of laziness, not wanting to move it every time she moves, the costs, and so on.

Do you own a TV? Have you ever thought about not owning one?

#Life #Minimalist

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