Have you ever thought about opening your own online store?

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Today I have a post from Crystal. I’ve been following her blog since last year and I’ve always loved it. When I found out that she was opening her own online store, I e-mailed her IMMEDIATELY and asked her if she would post for me!

She said yes (and even offered a discount code below) and I was ecstatic. I know all of us think and dream about one day doing something that makes us really happy, and I really wanted to get her input on what it was like to start her own store. It’s definitely a dream of mine one day as well.

I’ll let her take it away now.

Good morning!

I am Crystal from The Crystal Faye Blog.

I recently decided to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur. It was a very bold and risky adventure, but with the determination and support of those who love me, it was made possible!

I opened an online boutique Crystal Faye. And I couldn’t be any happier!

I wake up each and every morning excited to package orders, order new items, and connect with my customers!

I believe that some people truly think that opening an online store is extremely easy. That is by no means true! There are SO many different things that I have learned through opening a store that I want to share with you, those who are wanting to open their own store, or those who want to be an entrepreneur of any kind.

I talked to several different business owners during this process to get their advice and words of wisdom. That is what I want to share with you today. Several things that I have learned through this process.1. It’s not easy.

I have never had a job that was “easy.” Nor did I expect this job to be easy. I wanted a job that I would love waking up to.

2. Timing is everything.

Make sure you have people that will support your business. Make sure you have the time to do this. Most importantly…Make sure you have the financial stability to do this. It isn’t cheap by ANY MEANS!

I always dreamed of owning my own store. But I was always “too young” to actually talk about opening it. I got married this past June, and after much talk with my husband, we knew that this was the best time to begin pursuing this dream. We don’t have kids yet, which was a huge factor in deciding when I was going to open. We agreed that opening and settling down with my own business would be best if done before children!I couldn’t imagine having little babies running around the house while I am packing orders up and heading to the post office!

3. Figure out what you want out of your new adventure.

Do you want this to be your full time job, part time job, or just something “for fun?”

I want this to turn in to my full time job by the end of the first year. At this rate, I see that being highly possible.

4. Talk to mentors.

Whether it be through emailing or through different social media tools, talk to people who know what they are doing. There are so many people out there who own Etsy shops who are wiser than wise when it comes to opening your own business. You can do research online, but you will not learn everything you need to know to run a successful business. Talking face-to-face to someone who has “been there” is the best.

5. Learn to love what you do.

At first, it can be stressful. extremely stressful, but remember- Dreams don’t work unless You do. Being an online boutique owner is the greatest job. I love everything about it! I always get a smile on my face when I see someone has made an order! Makes for a happy heart!

Please if you have any questions about opening your own business, feel free to contact me! I would love to chat!

Also-check out my online store and use Michelle10 for 10% off your purchase!

Thanks, Michelle for allowing me to take over your job for the day! Have a wonderful Monday!

Have you ever thought about opening your own online store?

What’s holding you back from starting your dream job?


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