Holiday Spending

I used a vacation day and took the day off. This would sound great, except the fact that I am really really really sick and I have to do nearly ALL of my Christmas shopping today. I tried shopping yesterday after work, but I couldn’t stand for more like 5 minutes without feeling like I was going to faint. I’ve been sick since Monday morning, and if I don’t feel better by tomorrow, then I am going to the doctor as soon as I can.

I tried going to Target to see if I could find any good gift cards or toys for the kids, but the shelves were pretty much cleared and there was nothing good besides the lame toys. I’ll probably try another Target, Toys R Us, Michael’s craft store, and maybe something else if I’m feeling up for it.

So today, I plan on buying lots of gift cards for people. A family friend, some of the kids probably, and my 3 coworkers will get gift cards as a part of their present. I just saw today that a survey found that 83% of respondents would rather receive cash instead of a gift. 42% of these people said they would use it just for their necessities and 26% said they would use it like an actual gift and splurge on themselves. I like gift cards also, just because it makes everything easier and I can get what I truly want. However, I do like surprises and getting creative gifts. I am guilty of using gift cards for basics (such as when I get a Target gift card) and not using gift cards for things I just want. Do you have any problems with giving/getting gift cards? I want to get good presents too. According to this article, between 11% to 20% of electronics are returned. Here are items that are most likely to be returned (and I’ll definitely be keeping this in mind):

  1. Clothing and shoes, mentioned by 62% of respondents to the survey

  2. Toys, games and hobbies, 16%

  3. Consumer electronics, 14%

  4. Kitchen and bath, 13%

  5. Beauty and cosmetics, 10%

  6. Jewelry and watches, 10%

Hopefully nothing I send our takes over a year to get there! That happened to this lady and her mom didn’t believe her! Wish me luck on finding everything I need! I plan on making fudge tonight for a part of my present, so if I do, I’ll make sure that I post my pictures and steps either tonight or tomorrow.

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