Holiday Tipping

I’ve always wondered about holiday tipping. Savvy Sugar had a good article on holiday tipping. I know people tip and give holiday presents to those who do stuff for them all the time, such as hairstylist, garbagemen, mailmen, etc. Do you? I don’t think I ever have.

Here are the some tips:

  1. Give tips the traditional way. Give the money in cash and face to face.

  2. Make a list of who to tip. Could be your nanny, caregiver, hairstylist, personal trainer, the person who cleans your house, dog walker or garbageman. In the article it listed examples.

  3. “For a nanny, a week’s pay is appropriate. The cost of one session is a good benchmark for many others on your list, such as a pet groomer, weekend babysitter or weekly cleaning person.”

  4. You should know whom not to tip. Not everyone should be tipped. I’ve heard of people giving gifts to their mail carriers, do you do this? Do you give presents to anyone that does things for you? Such as a teacher, babysitter, etc.

Do you tip more around the holidays? What are your tips?

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