Holidays and Vacations

Hey everyone! I’m posting a little later today, and I’m sure you all noticed 😛

I’m constantly thinking about vacations, I’m sure you all have noticed. However, from now on, it seems as though I’ll just be dreaming about them! The boy can’t take a vacation until next Summer most likely, and he can’t really go on short trips because he doesn’t have two days off in a row. Instead he is off on Thursdays and Sundays (oh the joy of him working at a car dealership).

But I still love thinking about vacations and planning a future one. And I also have a bachelorette party to plan for next year so I am of course getting way ahead of myself and thinking about that!

I don’t plan on spending a crazy amount (to us) on a vacation for awhile, and I do want to plan a semi-cheap but still fun bachelorette party. We all decided that we want to go to a place that has a nice beach.

Of course we plan on looking for cheap city breaks and cheap package holidays for this vacation, as some of the girls are still in college as well.

Any tips on an out-of-country bachelorette party and how to save?

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