How do you divide money with your significant other?

Me and the BF have a joint account. We are young and many people think we are crazy for doing this. But, we make pretty much the same amount of money and have the same spending habits, so neither one of us ever feels like the other is getting a “better deal.”

You have a couple of options when it comes to splitting money with your significant other.

  1. Joint checking account. This is what me and the BF do. We put all of our income in this account and pay all of our bills out of this account. This option makes everything very easy.

  2. Separate accounts. Each person has their own account and everything is split.

  3. One joint account and each have their own separate account. Big expenses such as the mortgage are put in the joint account and then fun money is in the separate account.

Which way do you think is better? What do you do? What do you think are the cons for each of these?

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