How do you save money on food?

In connection with my last post, I figured I’d make a post on how you save money on food.

My grocery budget is somewhere around $300 a month. We try to make everything that we can at home, but of course there are the days where I need a snack after work or I’m going out with friends.

We go to Aldi’s for fruits and vegetables. The fruits and vegetables are MUCH cheaper and last a lot longer than grocery stores. Strawberries are usually $0.99, blueberries at $0.99, and so on. With meat, we try to stock up whenever our local grocery store has a coupon day for $10 off your total purchase, this makes meat very inexpensive. I have a freezer full of ground beef, steak, pork chops, ham and so on.

We buy nearly all of our household items with coupons, such as cleaning solutions, and all of this stuff is very cheap or free.

Thanks to Stephanie at Mischievous Kitty, I’m also going to try and mix things up a bit and buy healthier food at the farmers market and other local farmers from where I live.

How do you save money on groceries?

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